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Performance Dashboard is an in-house created multi-session series of lesson plans that Mindset Reset: introduce four social-emotional learning modules: Regulating Big Emotions, Communication and Connection, Respecting Boundaries, and Discovering Personal Value. The learning series directly address the social-emotional learning competencies: insight, regulation, connection, collaboration, sensory-motor, and critical thinking. The program is available for kindergarten to 12th grade I have a strategy I can use to manage my big emotions. I have a strategy I can use to manage my big emotions. There is evidence that Mindset Reset helped increase feelings of self-control. Among older students (grade 2 and above), only 46% reported that they had a strategy to manage their emotions before the program, whereas 61% of students said the same after the program. The before and after program change for the first-grade students was not as large as with older students, yet it was still a seven percentage point increase from 43% before the program to 50% after the program. 1st Grade Students that realize everyone has personal boundaries: Student participants in Mindset Reset: 280 75% It is important to communicate my boundaries to those around me. 05

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