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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS – PAGE 7 ft er more setbacks than is really reasonable – though I suppose Afl oods and plagues will do that – River Sounds Festival is fi nally at our doorstep. Its been a wild ride for Ben Lewis and the team, and I for one cannot wait to see this smorgasbord of music at last arrive. Even better – looks like were in for some beautiful, sunny weather, so barring some unforeseen asteroid or zombie apocalypse, looks like a wild weekend of entertainment is in store! In fact, theres music aplenty in this edition. Youll hear from David Lester about the inaugural Bellingen Muse, whose ticket packs are now on sale. Were truly spoilt for choice when it comes to performance in the Shire, so once the dust has settled for River Sounds, be sure to take a moment to catch your breath before diving into Muse. Speaking of performance, youll also hear from Tamar Collier about the Dorrigo Dramatic Clubs latest production, Th e Beast. Its going to be a very timely (and somewhat bloody) aff air, involving three couples who move to the countryside in an eff ort to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Sound at all familiar? Its a play certain to elicit chuckles and more than a few gasps, so be sure to head along to the Old Gazette Th eatre to see for yourself. Th eres bittersweet news on this editions cover, with the inimitable Dean Besley deciding the time has come to grab his Stetson and ride HYDE STREET, LOOKING WEST, CIRCA 1900 – ZIGGY KONIGSEDER off into the sunset. Well. Maybe not quite that far, as hes still going to be very active in the community, but aft er spearheading a team that has done such signifi cant work with the regions youth (and our Shire community more broadly), we all wish him the very best as he explores the next chapter. We also check in with Geoff Bassett, a man who has been tirelessly learning and sharing insights about regenerative agriculture for Don’t Bite That Hand who didnt have one to choose one. For those Trevor and Vicki Cheneys tireless eff orts in decades now. Geoff has recently found himself on the shortlist of the That Feeds You who chose me I am very sorry to have not running the Covid testing facility in 2020- 2022 Bob Hawke Landcare Award – the most prestigious award that atastrophic – a gross understatement continued in this role for you. 21, thank you both very much. Landcare has to off er. Its a genuinely remarkable achievement, and Cshould foot-and-mouth disease enter My personality and doctoring style is to To Andrew and Mary-Anne Heslop, thank our fi ngers are crossed for him as the announcement of the winner this country. be very thorough to help people get to the you for the existence of BHC! Its no mean draws close ƒ It will hit everyones hip pocket big time, underlying causes of their symptoms, and feat to run a practice for 20+ years. Of course, theres plenty more for you to explore within these even that chap who said, Yes, Darcey, but it is just not a way that works well with the And lastly I would like to thank the GPs, pages. So read on, and then, go out and enjoy some of this welcome at least a thumbs up for climate change via current funding model of General Practice. RNs and all the staff who have so ably winter sunshine – Id almost forgotten what it was like! reduced emissions. Over my almost seven years at BHC I supported Bellingen Healing Centre. He then stepped into a big V8. tried very hard to fi nd a middle ground Th e last few years in particular have been Some good news as I follow the between my preferred way of working and extremely challenging for all involved due construction of two concrete bridges on the realities of the current system, and wore to the repeated natural disasters, not to Darkwood Road. Contractors funded by myself out trying. mention new soft ware somewhere in the government grants, they are a great crew In 2023 I will be looking at alternative ways middle there! Y with diverse backgrounds, some Scottish, to serve those in need. ou have all been a pleasure to work ur community has spoken, with more than 900 people Irish, and English accents. I would like to thank all my patients for alongside, and your patience and skills in Ohaving their say in the recent review of our Community Th e machinery on sight and skilled trusting me with their problems and sharing keeping the wheels turning are very much Vision. operators are an eye opener, plus those their stories (and sometimes very diffi cult appreciated. Some of the key messages that came out of those discussions 8 to10 hour days. A gift to council, no realities) with me. Many of you have inspired Best wishes to all, were about moving around our Shire, investment in roads, and maintenance for a hundred years and me to face my own challenges. Dr Adrienne Newman linking our amenities so that we can access and enjoy the great hopefully a reduction in rates (joking). I would like to express my gratitude for places in our Shire more freely. Th ey are developing a taste for Paulines Th ats why were investing in our infrastructure to ensure our pumpkin scones, a small price to pay. road and bridge network are not only enhanced, but are future- With the Greens now holding the whip, dictating policy on climate change (43% proofed for our community and visitors to enjoy beyond 2035. reduction in emissions by 2030, some saying Th e Capital Works program is an integral part of delivering on 75%), theyre pledging to ban everything our communitys vision, and with a $41.5 million investment that currently provides us with all, with no this year our staff are busier than ever. Just last week we saw a alternative. huge milestone, with the girders being lift ed into place on the No more fl oods, bush fi res, inclement new Bielsdown Bridge in Dorrigo. weather, paradise restored! Back to fi g leaves Also, Councils successful application under the NSW and hunting sticks. Having already predicted Everyone Can Play Grant recognises that play is for everyone some belt tightening, that might not be – regardless of age, ability, or cultural background. Based on necessary, if we cant aff ord trousers. the three principles of Can I get Th ere, Can I Play, and Can A question for local governments committed to reducing their emissions; can I Stay, the focus of the Program is to create a more inclusive this occur by employing outside contractors, play space for all, and this is exactly whats underway with which is taking place in recent times (at least Dangar Falls Playground recently re-opened and Connell Park locally)? upgrade currently progressing. Finishing with some fantastic news. Our Its important that we make sure that everyone in our World Heritage-listed Great Barrier reef, community feels supported, no matter what their needs may doomed yesterday via bleaching caused by be. With this investment, were making sure that everyone can mining and farm run off , suddenly today is access the same opportunities and enjoy all that our Shire has in the best condition for 35 years. to off er. Are you confused? So, I encourage you to head to our website and learn more Darcey Browning  ora about our capital program and how it will benefi t you. Or, check out the Whats around me? map to see whats happening To the good folk of Bellingen in and around where you live. Th is tool will continue to grow Healing Centre and provide more information as we deliver on these exciting am writing to let you that I think it is programs. I unlikely I will be returning to work in As part of our commitment to communication, we will General Practice. continue to push updates out to our community through I particularly want those of you who were the Council website, Facebook, and Instagram pages, so waiting to see if I would return, to know now I encourage you to follow our social media accounts and so that you can move on with another GP. regularly check in on the news section of the website. Having a usual GP is a very valuable thing, and I made a point of encouraging patients

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