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FROM THE EDITOR A TO Z INDIA magazine covers the Indian through his art, culture, lifestyle, religion, etc. This magazine gives an insight into the life of Indians from an angle uncovered by others. Turn to find out what it is about and to immerse yourself into an entirely 04 different culture. FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK: ONAM - HISTORY AND SIGNIFICANCE OF ONAM Publication Team: TRADITIONS EDITOR: Indira Srivatsa The 10-day harvest festival filled with great festive activity is top-notch to ASSOCIATE EDITOR: understand the Keralan culture and celebrate the festival that unites people, Dwarak, Srivatsa values sacrifices, recognizes various art forms, and believes in giving. Onam is EDITORIAL a great Indian festival that one should experience whether they belong to this CONSULTANTS: Santha, southern state or not. Bhavani, Srinivasan REPORTING: Raghavan 08 PHOTOGRAPHY: Adithyan PETROGLYPH / ROCK ART: GRAPHICS ENGINEER: SIGNS OF PRE-HISTORIC CAVE Chandra DWELLING AGE Whatever it is! It is wonderful to inside Editorial Office: see the signs of cave dwelling E002, Premier age in this neighborhood. Grihalakshmi Apartments, A TO Z INDIA: Editorial Address Elango Nagar South, Virugambakkam, Chennai - 600092, Tamil Nadu, India. Communication Details: MOBILE: +91-7550160116 e.mail id: [email protected] Disclaimer: A TO Z INDIA Magazine has made a constant care to make sure that content is accurate on the date of publication. The views expressed in the articles reflect the author(s) opinions. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 3

From the Editor's Desk: History and Significance of Onam Traditions The editorial talks about Celebration and Significance of Onam Festival Colourful parades, Pookalam, exclusive dishes, sports competitions, welcome songs, boat races, regional and classical dance, and crowded streets of Kerala and nearby states are all about celebrating joy, happiness, tradition, and culture of the biggest regional festival celebration ‘Onam’. Onam marks the harvest season’s arrival and the monsoon’s last. It is celebrated in Chingam; the first month of the Malayalam calendar also signifies the new year of “God’s own state,” Kerala. Onam is celebrated for 10- days, usually in August and September, also known as the festival of rain flowers. In 2022, Onam festival will be celebrated from 31 August to 9 September. People across the country visit Kerala during the Onam celebration to witness the Keralan Culture and admire the state’s beauty. If you are a person who admires the diversity of India and is interested in exploring the diversified culture of this vast nation, read further to know all about the Onam festival. History of Onam Festival Celebration: Onam celebration is a Hindu festival associated with a mythological story of the Vaman avatar of Lord Vishnu and Asura King Mahabali. People believes that the king of ancient Kerala, Mahabali defeated the Gods and started ruling all three worlds. Kerala witnessed the golden era during the time of the king. However, Gods were insecure due to the popularity of Mahabali and, in fear, asked Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu turned into a short Brahaman (Vaman) and asked the ruler for three steps of land. Mahabali accepted the proposal. Vaman’s avatar of Vishnu turned big and measured the whole three worlds in 2 steps. There was no space for God to put his leg to complete the 3rd step. Mahabali surrendered himself in front of Vishnu to put his leg. The king went to the lower world when God put his leg. But at the same time, the king won the heart of Lord Vishnu. The Lord granted a wish to the king that he could come to visit his land each year. Onam is the celebration of the homecoming of brave and generous king Mahabali. Significance of Onam Traditions: Onam significantly brings back Keralites to their home and spreads the message of unity and prosperity across the world. Moreover, the great Onam festival holds more cultural values than a religious one. The Hindu and non-Hindu communities join hands, leaving their caste and religion behind to celebrate the Onam with great zeal. The 10-day harvest festival filled with great festive activity is a s vat i r S a r top-notch to understand the Keralan culture and celebrate the festival that di unites people, values sacrifices, recognizes various art forms, and believes in In giving. Onam is a great Indian festival that one should experience whether they Editor | A TO Z INDIA belong to this southern state or not. [email protected] +91-7550160116 A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 4

Jaswant Thada Memorial: The Taj Mahal of Marwar Vijay This white memorial stands closer to a small lake, growing a great getaway from the bustling chaos of Jodhpur. This peaceful monument is beautified with jalis, artwork works, and photos of Rathore rulers. This nonviolent monument is illuminated through sunlight and a classic beauty of Rajputana and Mughal fusion structure. The paintings splendour with floral garden panorama to revel in a serene time. The offers pleasant splendour of the Mewar Taj Mahal is enjoyed by means of heaps of humans a very year. The history behind The beauty of Blue City of Rajasthan: This memorial was constructed through Sadar Singh for his father. During the rite of the king, a peacock deliberately fell into the funeral pyre and died. There is a memorial devoted to the peacock. A few different royal members have been also buried in the monument. The layout in Jaswant Thada | City Rajasthan: It is commonplace records that the monument is made with natural marble. However, the sheets of marble used for constructing were polished very thinly to create a sparkling illumination when daylight falls on it. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 5

Jaswant Thada Memorial: The Taj Mahal of Marwar Vijay The Sunset view of Jaswant Thada | City Rajasthan: There are 3 cenotaphs on this floor, included with a lawn filled with carved gazebos and bordered by way of a small lake. This monument is built much like a Hindu temple. The mausoleum is built with excellent carvings and artwork works with domes and easy sculptures. Interesting Things to do | Jaswant Thada | Rajasthan: The greenery across the monument gives a mesmerizing contrast look, which appears more beautiful for the duration of sunrise and sundown. The lake facet view of the monument is the maximum serene location of this monument. Walk through the monument to get a take a look at the carvings. The stays of the burnt wood, which became used for burning royal households, may be visible in the memorial. You can spot colorful birds and squirrels alongside the lawns of the monuments. Jaswant Thada | Rajasthan: This monument is called after Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. It was built by way of his son, Maharaja Sadar Singh in the end of the 19th century. You can discover many paintings of previous rulers of the vicinity. Just like many Mughal structures, this monument additionally uses purple stones to provide the marbles a grand white look. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 6

Jaswant Thada Memorial: The Taj Mahal of Marwar Vijay The shallow lake that sides the monument turned into used to carry out final rituals for the lifeless inside the beyond. Today, the tourism department has released a few geese in the lake. If you visit in the course of tourism season, you may discover many musicians and neighborhood singers performing inside the steps of the monument. This is the proper place to revel in true Rajasthani songs. Each memorial within the monument is uniquely adorned with artwork and it offers the records of the one to whom every memorial is devoted to. The whole monument is ornamented with carvings within the pillars and arches. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 7

Petroglyph / Rock art: Signs of Pre-historic Cave Dwelling Age Bhavani Zaingeer is an important basin of Wular catchment, and a view of the mountain massif locally known as Sherakoot separates the Lolab Valley from Zaingeer catchment. Near Yamran (Bomai), this mountain range has a vertical rock face locally known as Kootar Dab (Abode of Pigeons). This vertical rock face has many natural caves. It is believed that about 100,000 years ago humans were cave dwellers. This spot seems idle for cave dwelling because of its natural caves and water resource. At the base of Rock face one can see a Petroglyph (Rock art). This rock art has some distinct concentric circles engraved. The people from archeology and physics have already submitted research papers on this rock art. Some claim it depicts meteorite showers, which in turn created the lakes of Kashmir and others claim that it is a sky chart depicting Nova/Supernova explosions. Whatever it is! It is wonderful to see the signs of cave dwelling age in this neighborhood. I therefore strongly recommend for the protection and restoration of this Rock art. Further this area should be explored and the moss must be cleaned from other rocks so that other Petroglyphs are discovered . A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 8

Petroglyph / Rock art: Signs of Pre-historic Cave Dwelling Age Bhavani A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 9

By Lalit Garg International Friendship Day: Writer, Journalist, Columnist E-253, Saraswati Kunj Apartment Friendship A Bouquet full of Happiness in Life 25 IP Extensions, Patparganj, Delhi-92 Email: [email protected] Lalit Garg Phone: 22727486, 9811051133 International Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August in many countries of the world. The spirit behind it is the same everywhere - friendship and respect for friendship. The philosophy of friendship is very vast; it is the most important part of human’s life. One who establishes friendship without any insistence and selfishness, he aspires for the welfare of all sees him in the emergence of all and new dimensions of development keep opening in his life. Life seems beautiful. In this, there is no distinction between one's own alien, there is no competition and there is no boundary line between big and small. Despite being such an ideal situation and its importance, the question arises why there is so much lack of friendship between human beings today? Why is there so much mutual animosity? Why is there ideological animosity? Why is publicity sparring with differences? Even after being wise, prudent, sensible, why does man fight every day? Why does the tense stand entangled in the midst of controversies? He neither sees with the eye of reason, nor listens with neutrality and balance, nor thinks and decides with relativity. This is the reason why individual creativity is dying out. The feelings of family co-operation and participation are breaking down. Social disintegration is coming to the fore. Religious beliefs are starting to weaken. Man has been counting the links of the chains of selfishness in the captivity of words, holding the accepted concepts. In such times, the bond of friendship infuses new energy in relationships. Well-known American author Dale Carnegie has written many books on the art of making friends and they sell in millions. He has written in a book - 'Take all my wealth and give me a true friend.' Giving the example of American Richie Henry Ford, he has written that - he was once asked by journalists - you have immense wealth, pleasures are available, what do you miss in life when you have all this? Friends were found a lot, but that friendship was only about eating, drinking and having fun. I have not found a single friend who truly wants me and I want him. This is a huge gap in my life. International Friendship Day has more relevance today, this festival started in South American countries on July 20 in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, on July 30 in Paraguay, while in other countries of the world including India, Malaysia, and Bangladesh etc. South Asian countries. It is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month of August. Friendship is a relationship that you decide for yourself, whereas all other relationships are made by you. Just imagine how restless you get if you don't meet your friends one day and try to know their well being as soon as you get a chance. You can understand how special this relationship is. The technological age we live in today has brought people very close to each other. But at the same time this technology has taken away from us that time of relaxation which we can share amongst ourselves. Today we have imprisoned the whole world in our fist, but with this we have become so engrossed in ourselves that in a way we are cut off from the whole world. Celebrating International Friends Day is a worthwhile undertaking to give new energy to such human sensibilities in a new civilization and new culture. Friendship is such a relationship that in the present environment, when the ground of human sensibilities and mutual relationships is drying up, in such a time, staying connected to each other is a powerful medium to make life happy and to awaken magical feelings in the heart. Friendship based on momentary and selfishness is not really friendship, it is only an identity, such friends sometimes become very dangerous too. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 10

By Lalit Garg International Friendship Day: Writer, Journalist, Columnist E-253, Saraswati Kunj Apartment Friendship A Bouquet full of Happiness in Life 25 IP Extensions, Patparganj, Delhi-92 Email: [email protected] Lalit Garg Phone: 22727486, 9811051133 For whom a thinker has written - "Earlier we used to say, O Lord! We have to be saved from enemies but now we have to say, ``O God, save us from friends." Friends are more dangerous than enemies. Friendship day is an undertaking to make friendship a blessing, not a curse. This day provides a rare opportunity to develop the attitude of sharing happiness and sharing positive thoughts to others, keeping personal interests aside. The basic heart of celebrating this day is that even though there may be differences of opposition or thoughts between friends, there should not be any differences of their feelings because difference of opinion brings revolution whereas difference of feelings brings rebellion. Revolution is the knock of construction; rebellion is a sign of destruction. The feeling of friendship is the protective shield of our self-development. Acharya Shri Tulsi directed seven sutras for this. Friendship requires trust, self-sacrifice, non-attachment, tolerance, forgiveness, fearlessness, coordination. This Saptapadi Sadhana is the background of the meaning and success of life. It is an indicator of development. This Day of Friendship is inviting us, with outstretched arms, to run away and hold on to the trail of friendship without hesitation. Life is colorful, it is white and it is also black. Sometimes this gamut of friendship dissolves in the ears as a rage of life, and then somewhere the noise of doubt arises. Makes friendship strong, our resolve, our life expectancy, our compassion, but it requires dedication and warmth of belonging. It teaches to live, gives life a colorful look. Inspires to live in such a way that you go beyond yourself. If you can do this then every feeling, every step and every moment will be beautiful and life will become beautiful together. We need a companion of loneliness, a ruler of happiness, and someone who reprimands us with love for mistakes. If all these qualities are found in any one person, then surely he will be your friend. The same friend, in whose relationship there is no selfishness or deceit, but for your interest, your development, your happiness, in which there will always be a passion and intimacy. Although there is a rich tradition of festivals in Indian culture and history, now in our country it has increased due to the increasing attraction and trend towards International Days. Now every day there is some festival or day. We have made many new or imported festivals and days like Friendship Day a part of our culture and lifestyle. Friendship Day means forgetting all the grievances and strengthening the relationship of friendship with the strings of trust, affinity and harmony. In fact, only those friends are called friends, in whom there is a passion for affection, instead of selfishness, there is a feeling of selfishness, such friends are confined in the flute of breath, such friends are very rare in the world. The friendship of Shri Krishna and Sudama, Vibhishana and Shri Ram is an invaluable heritage of history. Joseph Fort Newton said that "people are lonely because they build up walls of enmity instead of building bridges of friendship." Friendship day is an undertaking to make friendship a blessing, not a curse. We have to create new values-standards of friendship, establish friendship in a meaningful way in life. Friendship should be synonymous with compassion; not love. Because in love there is selfishness, there are rites of attachment and aversion, whereas compassion becomes synonymous with charity. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 11

By Salil Saroj Health and longevity: Executive Officer Social Disconnect among Older Adults New Delhi Email: [email protected] Salil Saroj Phone: 9968638267 Humans are social beings. From an evolutionary perspective, social relationships were essential for our early survival, and very much still are. Indeed, social connectedness is one of the most fundamental aspects of human life and is vital to our well-being. Feeling disconnected or uncared for by others will not only elicit painful emotional states but also thwarts a basic human need—a need for relatedness. However, just as thirst acts as a signal for us to drink water, painful emotional states can serve as a signal for us to seek greater connection to others. Existing evidence indicates that social connectedness has a powerful influence on health and longevity. People who feel more connected to others, for instance, have lower rates of depression, anxiety, and are at lower risk of suicide. However, the effects of social disconnection are not limited to mental health. In fact, social disconnection also adversely impacts our physical health, including higher blood pressure, elevated stress hormones, and impaired immune function. Social isolation in the elderly has been a growing concern, and many different studies have been conducted to determine its causes, risk factors, and how it affects seniors’ health. Most studies agree that loneliness and isolation can be as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day or being an alcoholic, and can increase the risk of dementia by 64 percent. Loneliness increases the likelihood of mortality by 26 percent. People who are lonely report 5 percent more severe symptoms in the common cold than those who are less lonely. Between 10 and 43 percent of community-dwelling seniors are socially isolated. Lonely seniors have a 59 percent higher risk of physical and mental health decline. The loneliness and social isolation that seniors experience is usually caused by low-quality social relationships, or a lack of these relationships entirely. However, there are many other things that could cause these issues, such as being 80 or older, having chronic health problems, and changing family structures. Social contacts tend to decrease as we age due to retirement, death of friends and family, and lack of mobility. Other causes of elderly social isolation include: · Disability · Living alone · Limited finances · Impaired mobility · No family close by · Never having married · Transportation challenges · Divorced, separated, or widowed · Inability to remain physically and mentally active · Lack of access and inequality due to rural living or being part of a marginalized group · Poor health and well-being including untreated hearing loss, frailty, and poor mental health · Societal barriers such as ageism and lack of opportunities for older adults to engage and contribute A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 12

By Salil Saroj Health and longevity: Executive Officer Social Disconnect among Older Adults New Delhi Email: [email protected] Salil Saroj Phone: 9968638267 Social isolation and loneliness will be reduced only if effective interventions and strategies are implemented at scale in a multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral effort. This will require identification of effective interventions and strategies (existing or new) and addressing all the factors required to scale them up to achieve an impact at population level, including a cycle of continuous evaluation and optimization, estimation of intervention costs and benefits, adapting interventions for scale-up, determining their reach and acceptability, developing implementation infrastructure and a workforce and ensuring sustainability. Social isolation and loneliness, which affect a considerable proportion of the population of older people globally, shorten their lives and take a heavy toll on their mental and physical health and their well-being. COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown and physical distancing measures have been a stark reminder of the importance of social connections in the lives of older people. The United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing 2021–2030 offers a unique opportunity for United Nations agencies and stakeholders in all sectors to act together internationally, regionally, nationally and locally to reduce social isolation and loneliness among older people. The growth of the elderly population in the coming decades will bring with it unprecedented burdens of morbidity and mortality across the country. The key challenges to access to health for the Indian elderly include social barriers shaped by gender and other axes of social inequality (religion, caste, socioeconomic status, and stigma). Physical barriers include reduced mobility, declining social engagement, and the limited reach of the health system. Health affordability constraints include limitations in income, employment, and assets, as well as the limitations of financial protection offered for health expenditures in the Indian health system. With the fast increasing share of older people in the national population of India, older persons seem to struggle for their due share in the mainstream as well. They are raring to grab their share in the centre stage and want to show their presence in the national arena. Unlike past decades, the profile of older people has changed significantly. They also comprise educated, active, able bodied, experienced, well-informed and well-placed senior citizens. With dramatic change in their profile, their perceptions of needs and, therefore, the rights have also changed amazingly. In India issues concerning old age are turning into bigger challenges due to the unprecedented rate of growth of this section of the population. There is a strong need for well-conceived policies and their implementation, backed by strong political and administrative will power. Of late, the government has taken many steps and directed its stakeholders to include older people in its social agenda. Over the years several schemes and programmes have been launched for the welfare and empowerment of older people. It seems that there is a mounting pressure on our governments to address the issues of 100+ million elderly people in the country. With fast changing socio-economic conditions and redefined traditional value systems, most elderly are rendered without a social support base and the majority of older people are finding themselves at the receiving end. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 13

By A.P Irungovel National Eye Donation Fortnight Exclusive: Medical Sociologist Sankara Nethralaya The Importance of Eye Donation 18 College Road, Chennai 600006 Email: [email protected] A.P Irungovel Phone: 044 4500 1919, 9840821919 National Eye Donation Fortnight is being observed from August 25 to September 8, and National Eye Donation Day on September 8, as designated by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare India has the largest burden of global blindness. A considerable number of Indians also suffer from significant impairment of vision that threatens their ability to be physically or financially self-sufficient. The cumulative loss to the country’s gross national product consequent to this is estimated to be $11.1 billion. While the problem is formidable, the need to take up the challenge of curtailing it is compelling. Some 27 million Indians have moderate sight impairment; nine million are classified as bilateral blind; 260,000 children are blind. The number of corneal blind people in India is 4.6 million. Of these, 90 per cent are below 45. They include 60 per cent who are below 12 years of age. Looking at the root causes, 66 per cent of the cases are preventable or curable. Out of the 4.6 million people, at least three million can benefit from corneal transplantation. Donated human eyes help preserve and restore sight through corneal transplantation, research and education. More than 90 per cent of corneal transplant operations successfully restore vision in people suffering from blindness due to corneal problems. Infants born with cloudy corneas gain sight from transplantation. Eye banks obtain, evaluate and distribute eyes donated by humanitarian- minded citizens for use in corneal transplantation, research and education. To ensure patient safety, the donated eyes are evaluated under strict medical standards. Donated eyes that are not suitable for corneal transplantation are used for valuable research and education purposes. The importance of cornea: The cornea is the clear, transparent dome in front of the “black portion” of the eye. It is also the main focussing surface, which converges light rays as they enter the eye to focus on the retina. It is thus the most important part of the optical apparatus of the eye. Loss of transparency directly results in loss of vision. A corneal transplant is an operation that replaces the opaque cornea with a clear cornea obtained from a human donor eye. A cornea may become opaque owing to infection, injuries, iatrogenic causes such as malpractice and improper post-operative care, malnutrition, or congenital-hereditary reasons. Practically anybody from the age of one can be an eye donor. There is no maximum age limit. Poor eyesight and age make no difference. Those who wear spectacles, those who have had cataract surgery, diabetics and those who are hypertensive can donate eyes. Even a person who is blind from retinal or optic nerve disease can donate eyes, provided the cornea is clear. Those who have died of unknown causes, or due to infectious rabies, syphilis, infectious hepatitis, septicemia, and AIDS cannot be donors. One can bequeath eyes by taking a pledge, resolving to donate them after death. But it requires the help of relatives or friends to carry out the pledge and desire. The next-of- kin can give consent for a donation even if the deceased family member has not signed a pledge form. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 14

By A.P Irungovel National Eye Donation Fortnight Exclusive: Medical Sociologist Sankara Nethralaya The Importance of Eye Donation 18 College Road, Chennai 600006 Email: [email protected] Phone: 044 4500 1919, 9840821919 A.P Irungovel The eyes need to be collected within six hours, and so the eye bank has to be called as early as possible. After making the call, both eyes will need to be closed and covered with moist cotton. Any overhead fans should be turned off. If possible, antibiotic eye drops may be periodically instilled in the eyes in order to reduce chances of infection. The head end of the body could be kept raised by about 6 inches in order to reduce any bleeding during eye removal. The removal will leave no visible signs that would interfere with common funeral arrangements and practices. There is no religious conflict involved. The donation actually gives a gift of life or sight to others. As such, it is consistent with the beliefs and attitudes of all major religious and ethical traditions. The whole eye cannot be transplanted, only the cornea can be. The rest of the eye is used for therapeutic use, research and education. The ultimate decision about usage for transplantation will be made after evaluation. A living person cannot donate eyes. A recipient is not told who donated the eye: the gift of sight is made anonymously. At the eye bank, the donor corneas are strictly evaluated by means of various procedures including slit lamp examination, serology examination, and specular microscopic evaluation by specialists. The chosen corneas are removed from the eyeball and preserved in special storage solutions that can keep the cornea healthy for 14 days. Good quality corneas are used for corneal transplant procedures. The donor corneas are used for various types of keratoplasty procedures including multiple procedures. The donor sclera is preserved in absolute alcohol and used for surgical procedures concerning glaucoma, ocular trauma and oculoplasty. The remaining parts of the donor eye ball are used for research by the research units of Microbiology, Biochemistry, Ocular Pathology, and Molecular Biology. The following steps will aid the noble cause. Dial the eye bank soon after the unfortunate death of a near and dear one. Give your consent to donate the eyes of your close relatives and friends. Motivate the family members of anyone who has died in your area. Spread information about eye care and eye donation. Institutions of eye care strive to create a positive impact, and comprehensive and quality eye care has become the core objective of one among them, the Chennai-based Sankara Nethralaya. The author and Executives from Eye Bank of the Sankara Nethralaya frequently organizes public health education programmes in schools, colleges, and industrial establishments in collaboration with non-governmental organisations, where issues relating to eye care and eye donation are explained. The author and his associates can come and deliver a lecture in Tamil or English, with interactive sessions, if you could organise a seminar or awareness programme in your area, office, club, flat association, school and so on. You can sponsor stickers with messages on eye donation and other publicity material and distribute them to the public with the help of the eye bank. Make yourself a friend of the Eye Bank. To take pledge to donate your eyes visit: Sankara Nethralaya has a dedicated phone line available round-the- clock for eye bank and eye donation: 044-28281919 and 044-28271616. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 15

Health and wellness: Powerful Affirmations to Start Your Week Right Padmanabhan 1. If you don’t allow yourself to learn and grow from the experience — from what was said, done, and felt — you will always look at your life through the same old lens. Realize this. In many ways, what you do today matters more than what happened yesterday. 2. Calmness does not mean to be in a space where there is no chaos, trouble, or hard realities to deal with. Calmness means to be in the midst of all those things and still remain mentally, emotionally and physically centered. 3. Breathe. Be where you are. You’ve been broken down dozens of times and put yourself back together again. Think about how remarkable that is, and how far you’ve come. You're not the same person you were a year ago, a month ago, or even yesterday. You're always growing... stronger! 4. As you journey forward, remember that the the way people see and treat you is their problem, how you respond is yours. So never regret the kindness and respect you have shown to the wrong people. Your behavior says everything about you, and their behavior says more than enough about them. 5. The fundamental goal right now is to gradually change your response to what you can't control. To grow stronger on the inside, so that almost nothing on the outside can affect your inner peace and wellness without your conscious permission. Om Namah Shivaya!!! A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 16

Pandava Tirtham: Sri Ramana Maharshi Padmanabhan Pandava Tirtham is a small tank located to the east of the ashram near Agni Lingam. In the early days of Sri Ramanasramam, Bhagavan often used to bathe in this tank. In his boyhood, Bhagavan was known for his swimming ability. He and Kavyakanta Ganapathi Muni often used to swim in this tank and try to excel each other in swimming. Another interesting incident concerning Pandava Tirtham is narrated by Bhagavan’s boyhood friend, Vilacheri Ranga Iyer. One day Bhagavan told me (Ranga Iyer), “Let us go to Pandava Thirtham and swim in it. Could you swim now?” I replied I had not forgotten swimming and would go with him. The next morning at 3 a.m. we went accordingly, swam there, and played in the water and returned before people could come there for their daily bath. Bhagavan told me, “Let us go like this from tomorrow. But we must go early and return before people come there for their baths.” I said “Yes.” We swam like this for a few days. One day at 4 a.m., Bhagavan woke me up to go to Pandava Thirtham to swim. A dikshitar of Ayyankullam who was sleeping nearby began scratching the floor. Bhagavan asked him to see if it was a spindle. Thereupon the Dikshitar explained Bhagavan was referring to the dream which he had just then. It seems he was just then dreaming that he was in his own village, that ‘Avani-avittam’ was approaching and that to spin yarn for making the sacred thread (poonool), he was searching for a spindle. On 28th June 2017, with permission from local authorities, the Ashram initiated the renovation of Pandava Tirtham. Flanked by Arjuna and Bhima Tirthas, Pandava Tirtha was thoroughly cleaned, excavated and restored over the next few months. Another extensive renovation of this tank has been started recently in August 2022. This renovation is under progress. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 17

நம் நா�: நம� �ன் ேனார்கள் எப் ப� வாழ்ந் தனர் ஆதித் தியன் 100 ஆண் �கǚக் DŽ �ன் பாக நம்நாட் �ல் வாழ்ந் � மைறந் த நம� �ன் ேனார் கள் எப் ப� வாழ்ந் தனர் என் ற நன் ெநறிகைள அைனத் � ச�தாய மக் கǚம் பˢரிந் � ெகாள் ǚம் வண் ணம் ேமற் கண் ட ஓவியங் கள் காட் �வைத நாம் பார் க் கலாம்... ீ அந் த நாள் மண் �ம் வராேதா ??? A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 18

Sri Ganesh Glass & Plywoods Entire range of Plywoods, Glasses, Doors & all branded laminates. #2/1, Kambar Salai, Mugappair West, Chennai - 600 037. Mobile: 9380337886, 9566118008 e.mail: [email protected] Ph: 044 26244992. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 19

Incredible India: Images of India through Paintwork Chandra A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 20

Incredible India: Images of India through Paintwork Chandra Meenatchi Amman temple Image credit or Image courtesy: Sinoj e.mail id: [email protected] A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 21

ெதனாலி இராமன் கைதகள் : தி�டர் கள் ஆதித் தியன் மன் னர் கி�ஷ் ணேதவராயர் மிகவˢம் அன் பானவர் . ஒ��ைற, அவர் இரண் � தி�டர் கைள மன் னித் தார் . அவர் கள் ீ மண் �ம் தி�டமாட்டார் கள் என் � உ�தியளித்தனர். ஆனால் தி�டர்கள் உண் ைமயில் அரசைன ஏமாற் றிக் ெகாண் ��ந் தனர் . அன் � இரேவ, அரசைவ மந் திரியான ெதனாலிராமைனக் ெகாள் ைளய�க்கத் திட் டமிட் �, அவர� ேதாட் டத் தில் ஒளிந் � ெகாண் டனர் . ஆனால் ெதனாலி இராமன் அவர் கைளப் பார் த் த�ம் , அவர் கைளப் பி�க் க ��வˢ ெசய் தார் . அவர் தன� மைனவியˢடன் திட் டமிட் �, தி�டர் கள் அைதக் ேகட் �ம் ப� உரத் த �ரலில் �றினார் , “நம் �ைடய நைககள் அைனத்ைதயˢம் கிணற் றில் மைறத்� ைவப் ேபாம்” A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 22

ெதனாலி இராமன் கைதகள் : தி�டர் கள் ஆதித் தியன் இராம�ம் அவர� மைனவியˢம் தங் கள் வடீ ் �லி�ந் � ஒ� ெபரிய சாக் �ப் ைபைய ெவளிேய இ�த்�, ேதாட்டத்தில் உள் ள கிணற் றில் ேபாட் டனர் . "நைககள் இங் ேக பா�காப் பாக உள் ளன," என அவர்கள் ெப��ச்� விட்டனர் . அவர் கள் வடீ ் �ற் �ள் தி�ம் பிச் ெசன் றவˢடன் , தி�டர் கள் கிணற் றில் இ�ந் � தண் ணரீ ் எ�க் கத் ெதாடங் கினர் . "ேவகமாக", என அவர் கள் கி�கி�த் தார் கள் , "நாம் �ட் ைடைய ெவளிேய எ�க் க ேவண் �ம்!" இத் தைனக் �ம் இைடயில் , பˢத் திசாலியான ெதனாலிராமன் தன் ேதாட்டத்தில் ஒளிந் �ெகாண் �, தாவரங் க�க் � தண் ணைீ ர தி�ப் பிவிட் �க் ெகாண் ��ந் தார் . சிறி� ேநரத் தில் கிண� வற் றிய�. தி�டர் கள் �ட்ைடைய ெவளிேய எ�த் தனர் , ஆனால் அதில் கற் கள் மட் �ேம இ�ந் தன. அப் ேபா� ெதனாலிராமன் அங் � வந் தார் . தி�டர் கைள பி�த் � சிைறக் � அ�ப்பினார். A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 23

Strength, Flexibility and Durability: Bamboo Gazebos Srinivasan Bamboo is also known for its strength, flexibility and durability. A great deal of this, of course, depends on where the bamboo was grown, when it was harvested and how it was treated, but some bamboo species are strong enough to be comparable to some hardwoods. A gazebo made from bamboo can be expected to last for quite a long while and will require only minimal maintenance. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 24

Old Pics of the Harkur Olaginamane: Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village Srinivasan Presented here is the frontal with large Maddale Kambhas (drum-shaped wooden pillars), also with some of the traditional kitchen items you can relate to - the 'Beesuva Kallu' (hand dry grinder, stone), 'Shavige Mane' (rice noodle maker), 'Rubbuva Kallu' (hand wet grinder), 'Akki Mudi' (rice storage from the yesteryears) and the traditional curd churner. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 25

Chowringhee Road in Kolkata near Esplanade: Metropolitan Building Dinesh Metropolitan Building is the number 46/26 building on Chowringhee Road in Kolkata near Esplanade. Formerly known as the Whiteway Laidlaw department store, it was a famous department store in Calcutta during the British Rule in India. This neo-baroque emporium—with domes, a clock tower and arched recessed windows—exemplifies fashionable shopping during the British Raj in British India. The building was built in 1905. Post Independence Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. assumed ownership, so people know it more commonly as Metropolitan Building. Currently it is owned by the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 26

India Rediscovered: End of the Mauryan Empire, 185 BCE Srinivasan Mauryan Empire began to decline after the death of King Ashoka in 232 BC. The last king Brihadratha was assassinated in 185 BC by his general Pushyamitra Shunga who was a Brahmin. From the time of Ashoka's death, it took just 47 years for the Mauryan empire to end. This is mainly due to weak rulers, after Ashoka, and an inability to administer such a huge empire. At its peak the Mauryan empire covered just over which this king had agreed to hand over to him." 5,000,000 square km (or 1,900,000 square — Polybius, Greek historian, 200 BC. miles) - the largest ever empire on Indian soil. The empire lasted for 163 years. Brief timeline of Mauryan dynasty: 322 BCE: Chandragupta Maurya founded the The Mauryans achieved new heights in Mauryan Empire by defeating the Nanda governance, economy, infrastructure, foreign Dynasty. relations, art, technology and large-scale 317–316 BCE: Chandragupta Maurya conquers engineering and architecture. These the Northwest of the Indian subcontinent. achievements were on par with the best 305–303 BCE: Chandragupta Maurya gains anywhere else in the world. There is little doubt, territory from the Seleucid Empire. that the Mauryans made India one of great 298–269 BCE: Reign of Bindusara, powers of the ancient world, at their peak. Chandragupta's son. He conquers parts of Subhagasena and Antiochos III (206 BC): Deccan, southern India. Subhagasena was a Mauryan ruler of the 3rd 269–232 BCE: The Mauryan Empire reaches its century BC, described in ancient Greek sources. height under Ashoka, Chandragupta's grandson. His name is mentioned in the list of Mauryan 261 BCE: Ashoka conquers the kingdom of princes, and also in the list of the Yadava Kalinga. dynasty, as a descendant of Pradyumna. He may 250 BCE: Ashoka builds Buddhist stupas and have been a grandson of Ashoka, or Kunala, the erects pillars bearing inscriptions. son of Ashoka. He ruled an area south of the 185 BCE: The empire collapses when Brihadratha, Hindu Kush, possibly in Gandhara. Antiochos III, the last emperor, is killed by Pushyamitra the Seleucid king, after having made peace with Shunga, a Mauryan general and the founder of Euthydemus in Bactria, went to India in 206 BC the Shunga Empire. and is said to have renewed his friendship with 1947 AD: Sovereign independent state of India is the Indian king there: created, the national flag contains the Ashok "He (Antiochus) crossed the Caucasus and Chakra as a symbol of progress. descended into India; renewed his friendship with 1950 AD: Republic of India is formed, a nation Sophagasenus (Subhagasena) the king of the with many of its modern foundations rooted Indians; received more elephants, until he had a back to the Mauryan Empire. hundred and fifty altogether; and having once After the Mauryans, a new dynasty became more provisioned his troops, set out again prominent in northern India, the Shunga Empire personally with his army: leaving Androsthenes was formed by Pushyamitra Shunga, which of Cyzicus the duty of taking home the treasure lasted from 185-75 BC. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 27

Khallikot, Ganjam, Odisha, Bharat (India): This temple is Recognised as Shree Jagannath Temple the 2nd largest Jagannath Srinivasan Temple after Puri Jagannath Temple. If historians are to be believed, construction of this Temple in Khallikote was started in 1730 by King Jagannath Mardaraja-I and completed by his grandson King Jagannath Mardaraja-II in the year 1868. According to some ancient texts Bhagwan Jagannath of Puri along with brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra spent some of their time in this temple during their exile when Mughals attacked Sri Mandira in Puri.This temple is grand & the outer walls are beautifully carved with the sculptures of Dasavatara, AstaDigapalas, Different other avataras of Vishu ( i.e. Janardhan, Madhav, Lakshmi Narayan etc), some beautiful Nagas, Nartakis etc. Every single stone is carved beautifully in this temple which will mesmerize you for sure.But this ancient Shree Jagannath Temple in Khallikote of Ganjam district is in a dilapidated state due to alleged lack of maintenance by the government. It is believed that if immediate steps are not taken towards the renovation of the temple, the centuries-old structure might even collapse. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 28

The western outskirts of Mumbai, India: The Kanheri Buddhist Caves Srinivasan The Kanheri Buddhist Caves are a group of caves and rock-cut monuments cut into a massive basalt outcrop in the forests on the former island of Salsette in the western outskirts of Mumbai, India. They contain Buddhist sculptures and relief carvings, paintings and inscriptions, dating from the 1st century CE to the 10th century CE. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 29

Daryaganj, Delhi: Zeenat-ul-Masjid or Ghata Masjid Srinivasan Zeenat-ul-Masjid or Ghata Masjid. Built in 1707 AD, located at Daryaganj, Delhi. The mosque was commissioned by Zeenat- un-Nisa, the second daughter of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The mosque is believed to be inspired by Jama Masjid in Chandni Chowk. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 30


ீ ஆன் மகம்: மனித�க்� சாந் தி என் பேத இல் லாமலி�ந் தால் ... இந் திரா உலக வாழ்க் ைகயில் எல் ேலா�க் �ம் அளவில் லாத கஷ் டங் கள் உண் டாகத் தான் ெசய் ய�ம் . பணக்காரன் , ெபரிய பதவியில் உள் ளவன் கஷ் டமில் லாமல் இ�ப் பதாக மற் றவர் கள் நிைனக் கலாம். ஆனால் அவர் கைளக் ேகட் டால் ெதரிய�ம் , அவர் க�க் � எவ் வளவ� கஷ் டங் கள் என் �. நாம் திண் ைணயில் இ�க் கிேறாம் , வி�ந் தால் சிராய் த் �க் ெகாள் வேதா� ேபாய் வி�ம் . அவர் கள் ேமல் மா�யில் இ�க் கிறார் கள் . வி�ந் தால் எ�ம் ப� �றிந் � வி�ம் . பிராண�க் ேக ஆபத்� வரலாம். ம�ஷனாகப் பிறந் த ஒவ் ெவா�வ�ம் ஓயாமல் அைலச்சலான அைலச்சல் அைலந்� ெகாண் � இ�க் கிறான் . எதற் காக? ஆைசகைளப் �ர் த் தி ெசய் � ெகாள் வதற் �த் தான் . ெவளியிலி�க் �ம் வஸ் �க் களிடம் இவ�க் � ஆைச. ஒன் � கிைடத் �விட் டால் அ� ேபாதவில் ைல. அதனால் வ�ம் �கம் தீர் ந் � ேபாகிற�. மற் ெறான் �க் � ஆைசப்ப�கிறான் . அைதத்ேத� ஓ�கிறான் . இவ�க்� சாந் தி என் பேத ஒ� நா�ம் இல் லாமலி�க் கிற�. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 32

ீ ஆன் மகம்: மனித�க்� சாந் தி என் பேத இல் லாமலி�ந் தால் ... இந் திரா இந் � மதம் மத மாற் றத் ைத ஆதரிக் கவில் ைல. ஜன் ம விேமாசனத் ைத தான் எல் லா மதங் க�ம் �றிக் ேகாளாக எ�த் �ைரக் கின் றன. ஒ�வன் தன் �ைடய மத ேபாதைனகைள வ�வாமல் அ�சரித்� வந் தால் , அ�ேவ அவ�க் � விேமாசனத்ைத அளிக் �ம் என் � நாம் நம் ப�கிேறாம் . ஆகேவ ஒ� மதத் ைதப் பற் றி ப�கழ்ந் � �றேவா, மற் ெறான் ைற இகழேவா எந் த அவசிய�ம் இல் ைல. இந் த உலகேம ஒ� நாடக ேமைட.... ஸ் ர ீ சங் கரன் அதன் கதாசிரியர் .... ஹர ஹர சங் கர!!! ெஜய ெஜய சங் கர!!! A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 33

கலாச்சாரம்: நம் உடலில் வாசம் ெசய் ய�ம் சித் த அஷ் ட லஷ் மி ெதரிய�மா? இந் திரா ீ நம் பாதங் களில் வசிப் பவள் ஆதிலஷ் மி. நம் பாதம் பிறர் ம� ெதரியாமல் பட் டால் சிவ சிவ எனக் �றி மன் னிப் ப� ேகட் க ேவண் �ம். இல் லாவி�ல் ஆதிலஷ் மி நம்ைம விட் � விலகி வி�வாள் . நம் �ழங் கால் ப�தியில் வசிப் பவள் கஜலஷ் மி. காைல நீட் �யப� ப�த் தகம் ப�ப் பதா�ம் ெநல் .. அரிசி இைவகைள கால் களால் மிதிப் பதா�ம் நம் ைம விட் � கஜலட்�மி வில�கிறாள் ..!! நம் இ�ப் ப�க் � கீழ் ப�தியில் வரீ லஷ் மி..!! வசிக் கிறாள் . பிறைர நித் திப் பதன் �லம் சாபம் ெப�பவர்கைள விட்� இந் த வரீ் யலஷ் மி வில�கிறாள் . நம் இட� ெதாைடயில் வசிப் பவள் விஜயலஷ் மி. இட� ெதாைட எப் ேபா�ம் மைனவிக் �ச் ெசாந் தம். எனேவ மைனவிைய வி�த் � பிறன் மைன ேநாக் கினால் இந் த விஜயல�் மி விலகி வி�வாள் .!! வல� ெதாைடயில் வசிப் பவள் சந் தானலஷ் மி...! ெபற் ேறார் கள் கன் னிகாதானம் ெசய் ய�ம்ேபா� ெபண் ைண வல� ெதாைடயில் அமர ைவக்க ேவண் �ம். இட� ெதாைடயிேலா .. இ� ெதாைடகள் இைடேய அமர ைவத்தால் இந் த சந் தானலஷ் மி விலகி வி�வாள் ...!! நம� வயிற் �ப் ப�தியில் வசிப் பவள் தான் யலஷ் மி...! எச்சில் உணவ�... ஊசிப் ேபான உணவ� இைவகைள ஏைழக் க�க்ேகா .. பிற�க் ேகா ெகா�த் தால் தான் ய லட் �மி விலகி வி�வாள் . நம� ெநஞ் �ப் ப�தியில் வசிப் பவள் ைதரியலஷ் மி..!! ெநஞ் சிேல நஞ் ைச ைவத் � பிறைரக் �ைற �றி ��ம்பத் ைத ெக�ப் பவர் கைள விட் � ைதரிய லட் �மி வில�கிறாள் . A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 34

கலாச்சாரம்: நம் உடலில் வாசம் ெசய் ய�ம் சித் த அஷ் ட லஷ் மி ெதரிய�மா? இந் திரா நம� க�த்�ப் ப�தியில் வசிப் பவள் வித் யாலஷ் மி...!! க�த்தில் ஒ� �த் ராட் சம் அணியாதவ�ம் .. ���ல் ... தாலி... என ��ம்ப பராம்பரிய சின் னத்ைத அணியாதவர்கைள விட்� வித் யா லட் �மி வில�கிறாள் . நம் ெநற் றியின் மத் தியில் வசிப் பவள் ெசளபாக் யலஷ் மி.!! இவள் நம் ப��வத் ைத சிைரப் பதா�ம் மஞ் சள் கலந் த �ங் �மம் விட் � ஸ் �க் கர் ெபாட் � ைவப் பதா�ம் , வகிட் �ல் �ங் �மம் ைவக் காமல் இ�ப் பதா�ம் வ�ீ தி . நாமம் .. அணியாவிட் டா�ம் நம் ைம விட் � ெசௗபாக் ய லட் �மி வில�கிறாள் .. பல தவ�கள் ெசய் � நம் அங் கத் தில் இ�க் �ம் லஷ் மி கைள விரட் � விட் டால் நாம் எப் ப� ெசழிப் பாக வாழ ��ய�ம் .? இந் த தகவல் கள் அைனத் �ம் மகா மந் திர ேபாதிணி என் ற அ�ர்வ ��லில் உள் ள�.. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 35

Bhumara Temple ..Satna..Madhya Pradesh: Ekmukhi Shivalingam of 5th Century... Chandra Bhumara Temple, sometimes called Bhumra, Bhubhara or Bharkuleswar, is a 5th or 6th-century Gupta era Hindu stone temple site dedicated to Shiva near Satna, in the Indian state Madhya Pradesh. The temple's Ekamukha Linga, a mukhalinga or faced lingam, with a detailed head of Shiva, is a much studied example of Gupta art. The linga is a smooth cylinder with Shiva's face carved over the cylindrical length on one side. This face matches the one on the lintel top at the sanctum doorway. The Bhumara Shiva linga wears a jeweled crown, necklace and pearl ornaments. He is shown with matted hair, some locks on his shoulders. His hair is tied up into a bun at top, where there is a thin crescent moon. His forehead has a third eye. His nose is broken, likely intentionally damaged. The Shiva face on the lingam is well proportioned but it is not as "beautiful as the face on sanctum door lintel" or the ancient ekamukha linga found in Khoh, Madhya Pradesh. The temple reliefs include those for Mahishasura-mardini (Durga), Ganesha, Brahma, Vishnu, Yama, Kubera, Kartikeya, Surya, Kama and others. A 5th-century relief sculpture at the Bhumara temple is significant in being one of the earliest known representations in sculpture of Ganesha. Many of the ruined parts of the Bhumara temple have been moved to museums, especially the Kolkata Museum and the Allahabad Museum. The much studied Bhumara image of Ganesha with Sakti sitting is his lap was acquired by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 1920s and is now there. A TO Z INDIA SEPTEMBER 2022 PAGE 36


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