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The Energy: An illusion of the occurrences within the dream Srinivasan Matter prevailing over split, and related to it, as a substance to its quality, is called Maya. Life is born out of matter and matter is born out of divine vibration (As per Big Bang western terminology and As per Vedas Nada Bramha). This vibration is called universal mother, or as Jaganmatha. As long as aspirant remains as the slave of matters and energies, one cannot attain nirvikalpa samadhi. The absolute consciousness creates space and When light passes through small pores of an causes a minute compression and expansion object, the resultant falling of light is observed in this space. This causes the first wave of as circular. But, during eclipses, the same energy, the first manipulation of matter and falling of light is observed as different the first particle of nature. The particles portions of a circle, which follows the pattern combine with each other in different of the covered Sun or Moon. This indicates that proportions, to produce other elements of the shape of the source is reflected on the nature. Energy is always present with matter, objects. This happens because, the light in all the processes of nature, as different coming from the source possesses certain refore, the energy is the movement amount of consciousness, which can get forms. The of primordia; particles in three rhythms. All altered on the way. Light is made up of the particles in nature are spherical in shape, particles and possess certain amount of because of these movementslestial voice. consciousness. Because energy and matter are together, light is both wave and particle. The energy is always represented as a wave. This apply to everything within the universe This is because of the movement of spherical including universe, as everything is made up particles. When there is a movement in the of the vibrations of primary particles only. As medium, the spherical particles collide with they are spherical in nature, wave is made up each other, thus causing a curved flow of of particles. energy. As we already know, low frequency causes the movement of bigger particles, and When light is reflected by different objects in high frequency causes the movement of different fashions, the objects appear in smaller particles. That is the reason, sound different colors. Without proper light, colors passes through solid objects, but it does not in the objects are not visible. In addition to this, pass through air for a long distance. Similarly, the objects appear in some other colors if seen light does not pass through solid objects, but it in di fferent colored lights. This indicates that passes through air for quite large distances. the visibility of colors is essentially dependent That is because, in air placement of particles is on the incident light’s color. If we observe the far from each other hence it looks like it is spectrum of light, we find that the colors are made up of smaller particles whereas objects formed in smooth transition. When sunlight are made up of bigger particles as they are appears after rain, the sunlight gets separated placed close to each other due to gravity by the water droplets, thus forming the which affects mass of the particles. But rainbow. In the rainbow, the color gradually everywhere, the particles are spherical and changes from red to orange to yellow to green hence the energy is always a waveform. to blue to indigo to violet, each merging on the A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 24

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