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Gandhi Maidan in Patna, capital of Bihar state, India: Golghar (Round House) granary Padmanabhan For a dome with a view, climb the Golghar, an imposing landmark in the city of Patna, which lies to the west of the Gandhi Maidan. The monument is spherical in shape, which gives it the name ‘Golghar’, meaning ‘Round House’. The British army built this massive peculiar shaped granary in 1786, to serve as a storehouse during the times of famines. Golghar is one of the most famous landmarks of Patna, it is a huge granary which displays the Stupa style of architecture. This granary was built by Captain John Garstin in 1786. The winding stairs around the monument offer a spectacular view of the city and the Ganges flowing around it. Golghar looks like a huge hive when viewed from a distance. This old monument is a must see for anyone visiting Patna. It is one of the most important and historical monuments present in the city. Built in Stupa architecture, the building is 125 meters in width and 29 meters in height of the Golghar and is constructed on a two feet high platform. It is columnless with a wall thickness of 3.6 m at the base. You can see more of this and various places in Bihar. I request to all friends to visit this place. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 16

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