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The Energy: An illusion of the occurrences within the dream. Srinivasan Matter prevailing over split, and related to it, as a substance to its quality, is called Maya. Life is born out of matter and matter is born out of divine vibration (As per Big Bang western terminology and As per Vedas Nada Bramha). This vibration is called universal mother, or as Jaganmatha. As long as aspirant remains as the slave of matters and energies, one cannot attain nirvikalpa samadhi. water or steam pressure is used to run the space. Consciousness becomes energy and turbine, which runs the generator. Water's matter, by means of vibrations. Hence mass is responsible for movement of turbine. consciousness gets stored in matter, and It means potential form of energy is converted energy causes the manipulation of into kinetic, and then converted into consciousness into different animate and mechanical energy. Inside the generator the inanimate life forms. Thus Shiva becomes combined effect of mechanical and magnetic Shakthi, and then Shanmukha and Ganapathi. energies yields electrical energy. This is distributed to all consumers. In gadgets, due This process is applicable to all sensory d forms of resistances it again organs, wherein all other energy forms get to varie converted into different forms such as light, converted into electrical form and then heat, rotation, etc. Finally, portion of the potential form, to be stored. All the mantras energy goes back to source, through the are caused due to vibrations of particles return path, by means of another wire of the within the medium, in the increasing circuit. frequencies, and hence decreasing sizes. When primordial particles move from one It means, if water molecules do not carry type of matter to another, the energy gets mass, then energy conversion is not possible. converted from one form to another. Thus, The mass is present in all molecules due to ef magnetic energy projected from outside the fect of gravity, which in turn is present due to matter becomes electrical energy inside the magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion. matter. This apply to both non living and living This magnetic energy is minute movement beings. During energetic healing, pranab being within medium, which is not empty but full of magnetic gets absorbe by the iron in the consciousness, energy and mass. Einstine hemoglobin, present in the blood. Hence, indicted this by E=mc2, where E is energy, m is inside the body, energy gets converted into mass and c is speed of light, indicates speed electrical form, and thus flows energizes the for coversion of energy. Einstine assume light cells. Inside the cells, the same energy gets as the fastest form of energy, but it is not converted into chemical form, alerting the hence equation does not get applied. Speed of functioning of the cells. Thus the will of healer energy conversion depends on particular is programmed into the cells of the patient , by process and type of energy involved. We have means of primary particles. to remember that energy and mass are together. Energy is the flow of minute Same process happens during spritual act particles within the medium. The medium can such as consecration ceremony be solid, liquid or gas, within all pervading (pranaprathisthapana), wherein particles of A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 26

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