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The Energy: An illusion of the occurrences within the dream. Srinivasan Matter prevailing over split, and related to it, as a substance to its quality, is called Maya. Life is born out of matter and matter is born out of divine vibration (As per Big Bang western terminology and As per Vedas Nada Bramha). This vibration is called universal mother, or as Jaganmatha. As long as aspirant remains as the slave of matters and energies, one cannot attain nirvikalpa samadhi. next color. If observed carefully, transition is dynamic energy as kinetic energy. During cyclic and red color is the next transition of movement, the energy is utilized, whereas violet color only. during rest, the energy is stored, as mass itself. Hence both are interlinked with each Two colors are complementary, if they form other. Potential is Shiva and Kinetic is Shakthi. black color when mixed. Red Golden Magenta, Both are forms of the same consciousness, as Yellow Indigo, Black –– Green, Orange Cyan, Ardhanareeshwara. For same reason Vishnu White are complementary colors of each has 4 arms, indicating the additional two arms other. In rain bow, red appears first, and of Laxmi. violet appears last. There is distinct arrangement of complementary colors; the There is systematic law of energy conversion, cutoff point is lime, with each color becoming both in microcosm as well as in macrocosm, a complement of the next color. Red, Orange, perfectly planned by consciousness. To Golden and Yellow colors appear before lime; understand energy apart from conventional green, cyan, magenta and indigo follow. The material angle, it requires spritual angle. complement of lime is violet. This property of Different types of energy through light indicates the supreme intelligence philosophical angle... planning all the colors as the compositions of black and while colors. The vibrations are Law of conservation Law of mass action Law related to each other in a cyclic way, by means of reason -- Energy can neither be created nor of the medium. This all is happening because be destroyed, but can only be transformed. of the three movements of particles, in the increased frequency and in the cyclic fashion. Law of mass action -- Energy can be converted Light is just one form of energy, as certain into mass, and mass into energy. value of vibrations. Law of obstruction -- Energy while returning Any smallest or biggest task in the universe is to source, moves more through the path of a ccomplished by the utilization of energy, least resistance. which is defined as capacity to do the work. Very energy is formed due to the action of Law of conversion -- Energy when proper path consciousness upon itself. Energy can be is unavailable, gets stored converted and defined as the flow of primary particles within returned in parts. matter, in different directions. Energy is classified mainly into static and dynamic. In hydroelectric electric al energy is generated Static energy is also known as potential and by means of water or steam. In this either A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 25

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