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Heeraben Modi: A Life Devoted to Values & Selflessness Lalit Garg Hiraben Modi was born in the year 1923. She was 100 years old. Hiraben Modi was married to Damodar Das Mulchand Modi. Hiraben Modi has five sons and one daughter. The names of sons of Hiraben Modi are Soma Modi, Amrit Modi, Narendra Modi, Prahlad Modi and Pankaj Modi. And her daughter's name is Vasanti Ben Hasmukhlal Modi. Damodar Das Mulchand Modi is no more in to set up a street stall in Vadnagar earlier. At the same time, this world. Damodar Das Modi used for some time after this, he also worked to sell tea at the railway station. Modi had said in one of his blogs that the house in Vadnagar where we used to live was very small. There was no window in that house, no bathroom, and no toilet. Overall, that one-and-a-half room structure made of mud walls and tile roof was our home, in which our parents, all of us brothers and sisters used to live. It is natural that where there is scarcity, there is also tension. But the specialty of mother Heeraben was that even in the midst of scarcity, she never allowed tension to dominate the house. A TO Z INDIA FEBRUARY 2023 PAGE 7

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