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Heeraben Modi: A Life Devoted to Values & Selflessness Lalit Garg purity. 'Whenever Modi went to meet his mother, this meeting and dialogue between mother and son became a big event for the country and the world. It had been becoming an inspiration to the world. Maa Heeraben, not only shaped Modi's body but also shaped his mind, personality and self-confidence and in doing so she consumed herself, forgot herself. 'Maa Heeraben' - In this short word lies the vastness/comprehensibility of love. There is the culmination of love inside her or we can say that she is the culmination of complete love. For the Modi family, mother Heeraben was life, strength, energy, love, compassion, and was synonymous with affection. She was not only the birth giver but also the life maker. She was the basis of the development of not only Narendra Modi but the entire family. He has woven the fabric of this family with her own hands. Constant progressive and cultural changes were made in the shape-type, lifestyle, thinking and mind of this family. It was the mother, the mother, who changed both the fortune and the picture of this family. Mother Heeraben's hundred years of struggling life is a symbol of Indian ideals. Mr. Modi has imbibed the spirit of 'Matridevobhav' and the values of Heeraben in his life. That's why there is no other human relation for Modi more important than his mother. She was full of all qualities, like the ocean in seriousness and the Himalayas in patience. Her blessings became a boon. This is the reason why amidst all the busyness and responsibilities, Modi used to go to his mother, sit near her, listen to her, see her, listen to her words. Taking her blessings, visiting her and leaving with a new energy. A TO Z INDIA FEBRUARY 2023 PAGE 6

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