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By Mr.Vijaykumar H K Peace should prevail: T-6-327, RTPS colony Shaktinagar -584170 World Peace Day 21st September Raichur Karnataka Vijaykumar H K Email: [email protected] We observe International Day for Peace on September 21st of each year. The large bell known as the "peace bell" was donated to the United Nations by Japan in 1950. Two times a year, on the first day of spring, as well as on September 21 to mark International Day of Peace, the bell is rung. Given the current circumstances, it is imperative that all nations choose peace over conflict. Everything on this globe looks beautiful when there is only peace. This year, the bell needs to ring louder in order to specifically reach the ears of the nations who are both directly and indirectly engaged in conflict. The world has been battling the pandemic for the past two years, but the war against COVID-19 is still far from over. In the interim, some nations have been engaged in territorial disputes. So peace is important topic at this time. What we call in Sanskrit Shanti Mantram is most required now. Here, it is possible to recall the tale of Alexander the Great. The ancient Greek Alexander the Great oversaw numerous military operations and built one of history's biggest empires, spanning from Greece to India. He completed all of this work when he was just about 30 years old. Alexander was ill when he got back to Babylon. As he lay dying, he reflected on the immense empire he had created, every single war booty he had taken, and the power of his military apparatus. He fell into a deep despair after realizing that nothing was worthwhile because, despite living a very good life, he would eventually pass away. Before leaving, he wanted to spend one final moment with his mother, but he knew he would not be able to do it and would soon pass away. He made three final requests to his devoted Generals over the phone before passing away. My first wish is that my doctors should alone carry my coffin," he reportedly said to his devoted generals. My second wish is that the road leading to my grave be strewn with gold, silver, and all of the priceless items in my treasury, while my body is being brought to be buried. My third and final wish is to have both of my hands left hanging outside of my casket. The three wishes shocked the Generals, who questioned Alexander about the unusual requests. Alexander's first response was, I want my doctors to carry my casket so they may spread the message that no doctor can cure anyone. They are helpless and helpless to prevent death. The second is to scatter gold, silver, and other precious stones along the path leading to the cemetery to demonstrate to the public that, despite having spent my whole life acquiring wealth, not a single grain of gold will accompany me when I depart this world. When one yearns to be wealthy, it is a complete waste of time, energy, and tranquilly. Third is sticking my hands out of the casket., I want people to know that I came empty handed into this world and likewise will go empty handed from this world So, therefore he wanted to teach the rest of the world that peace is ultimate thing to win hearths not wars. In regards to this year's peace day, the theme is "End racism and build peace" Every society's institutions, social structures, and standard of living are still tainted by racism. It still serves as a major contributor to enduring inequality. And it keeps denying people their basic human rights. The connections between racism and gender inequality are undeniable, and they destabilize societies, damage democracies, and diminish the legitimacy of governments. A TO Z INDIA OCTOBER 2022 PAGE 13

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