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Virinchipuram, Vellore: Maragathambikai Sameta Margabandeeswarar temple Dinesh The temple is known for Child boon Prayer. Women take bath in all the Theertas of the temple and go round the temple deity with hands stretched praying. As you walk around the temple, if you look at the path through out you will see the images of this action by women etched on the granites. Luckily during renovation, they didn't remove these granite stones and left them as it is. Finally the temple has some very interesting inscriptions. These are on the right side of the gopuram as you walk inside. It talks about the Kanya Shulka system in those days where at the time of marriage, the boy's family has to pay the girl's family money (opposite of dowry). A TO Z INDIA OCTOBER 2022 PAGE 27

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