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Indira Srivatsa
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A show-stopper of Indian Architecture: Lord Lingaraj temple at Bhubaneswar Srinivasan The lovely carvings portraying errands of day to day existence, the action habitats, aside from being a position of love makes the temple a spot for social get- together, to some degree like what a cutting edge public venue. Lingaraj is alluded to as 'Swayambhu" - (self-began Shivlinga). One more significant part of the temple is that it means the syncretisation of Shaivism and Vaishnavism orders in Odisha. The Shivling is known as Hari Hara. Maybe the rising faction of Lord Jagannath which matched with the finishing of the Lingaraja Temple played a part to play. The non-Hindus are not allowed to get inside the temple premises. Be that as it may, one can get a perspective on the whole temple complex and take photos from a raised stage ( raised exceptionally for the foreign tourists just outside the north external boundary wall). A TO Z INDIA OCTOBER 2022 PAGE 30

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