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By Mr.Vijaykumar H K Peace should prevail: T-6-327, RTPS colony Shaktinagar -584170 World Peace Day 21st September Raichur Karnataka Vijaykumar H K Email: [email protected] We have observed racial discrimination at borders as wars continue to flare around the world and force people to flee. We have observed that some racial groups have been struck considerably harder than others as COVID-19 continues to strike our neighborhoods. As economies struggle, racial minorities have been the target of hate speech and acts of violence. In order to promote peace, each of us must play a part. And one important way to participate is to combat racism. We may fight to undermine the institutionalized racism in our society. All across the world, we may help movements for equality and human rights. Education and restitution for past wrongs are two ways we may advance anti-racism. A world devoid of racism and racial discrimination should be our goal. A society where empathy and compassion prevail over prejudice and hostility. a world in which we may actually take pride. Real peace requires much more than just putting down weapons, so to speak. It necessitates creating cultures in which everyone feels that they may prosper. It entails establishing a society in where everyone is treated fairly, regardless of race. Happy International Peace Day! A TO Z INDIA OCTOBER 2022 PAGE 14

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