ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE The most flexible drive through system

The Drive Through car wash systems of ISTOBAL have been designed and developed taking into account the specific needs of transport companies and their car wash experience gained all along the years. This is why the two models in the range are compact, have a solid design and reliable mechanics, always ensuring an efficient result: ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE2 is especially intended for trolley buses and trams, and ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE3 is ideal to meet the specific needs of different bus fleets. Based on the drive through system and driver interaction, both models have been designed with a focus on safety and comfort as maximum priorities, and both are extremely versatile as regards the configuration of the wash and the smooth and precise movement of the polyethylene brushes, always ensuring the best finish. ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE2 ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE3 ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE

The model ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE2 has been designed to fulfil different demands with large vehicles, from bus or trolley bus fleets to any type of trams. This model has a lower height and it is open at the top, which makes it suitable for vehicles with an overhead catenary. It includes a pre-soak arch, two rinsing arches, a displaced technical board with a touch screen, soft starters for its four brushes, and speed detection to avoid vehicle impacts. Until now it was unachievable to reach spectacular results in drive though tram wash and ISTOBAL guarantees it with our ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE2 model. FRONT AND REAR WASH SIDE WASH • Tilting brushes for trams: top part with pneumatic tilting enabled by cylinders, and bottom part with fixed tilt. • Rotary joint between brushes for greater stability. • System for more adaptability to the shape of the vehicles and for greater efficiency with trams. • Upper vertical brush with minimum tilt to scan tram sides. • 1/2 and 3/4 brushes spin in opposite directions for a better finish • Soft starters for the 8 motors. Tangential tilting prevents brushes from moving into the interconnections between coaches. • Cylinder system: Brush arms with limit switches. • Cylinder control by wash zones: Front, side, back. FEATURES ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE2 - TROLLEY BUSES AND TRAMS DRIVE THROUGH WASH TOUCH SCREEN OPTIONAL EXTRAS • Control panel with touch screen model KTP400 by Siemens, installed on the door of the electrical cabinet, next to the emergency stop button. The touch screen allows users to carry out all control, configuration and maintenance tasks in a user-friendly way. • Possibility of sending emails and optional Screen Access to control the facility remotely. • Exit traffic light to indicate rear wash. • Wax dosing. • Integrated underchassis wash, 20 bar [290Psi]. • Demineralising unit. • Recycling unit. • esens ® chemical products. *Figures in brackets estimated using US Imperial System equivalents. In case of doubt or inconsistency, the International System (Metric Dimensions) shall prevail. A B C D A - Machine height: 4,700 mm [15’-5”] B - Wash height: 4,100 mm [13’-5 3/4”] C - Bay width: 5,500-6,000 mm [18’-1/2”]-[19’-8 1/4”] D - Bay length: 15,000-16,000 mm [49’-2 1/2”]-[52’-5 7/8”] A B C D ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE

A B C D ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE3 - BUS FLEET DRIVE THROUGH WASH With Model ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE3 , all the advantages and options of the Drive Through systems come standard, which makes it the perfect machine for all types of bus fleets. The standard machine includes a pre-soak arch and four vertical brushes spinning in opposite directions for better results. The shampoo dosing pump and the electrical cabinet are built into one of the columns. It includes a practical command post to control the manual movement of brushes, an emer - gency stop button, several activation possibilities for the optional extras, and mirror-avoidance functions. SPLIT FRONT BRUSHES A patented split-brush system prevents front mirrors from being damaged by lifting the top section of the front brushes. The bottom section brushes the vehicle front. The horizontal brush ensures the perfect cleaning of the vehicle roof for a variety of heights thanks to the 1,500 mm [4’-1”] lifting system integrated into the machine structure HORIZONTAL BRUSH FEATURES SPEED DETECTION Thanks to three pairs of photocells, the system detects if the vehicle reaches the speed limit. If this is the case, the front brushes are automatically opened before the vehicle reaches them, or the machine stops and stays in emergency mode. OPTIONAL EXTRAS • Rinsing arch with wax • Integrated underchassis wash, 20 bar [290Psi] • Exit traffic light to indicate rear wash • Soft starters for brush spin • Basic control screen • Demineraliser unit • Recycler unit • esens ® chemical products *Figures in brackets estimated using US Imperial System equivalents. In case of doubt or inconsistency, the International System (Metric Dimensions) shall prevail. A - Machine height: 5,600 mm [18’-4 1/2”] B - Wash height: 4,100 mm [13’-5 3/4”] C - Bay width: 6,500 mm [21’-3 7/8”] D - Bay length: 8,500-11,500 mm [27’-10 5/8”]-[37’-8 3/4”] A B C D ISTOBAL HW’DRIVE NOTE: ISTOBAL, S.A. reserves the right to introduce modifications designed to improve its products.

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