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ISTOBAL HW'EXPRESS has been especially designed for bus and truck fleets. Thanks to its optimum performance, it can wash a 12 metre long vehicle in approximately 2 minutes, including an overlapping brush wash on the front and back. This static machine takes up very little space and does not require rails. Its drive-through wash system allows vehicles of all lengths to be washed. A simple positioning system facilitates communication with the driver: three stop lights indicate the right stop position at all times for an effective overlapping scrub of the vehicle front and back. This model is one of the most complete and productive for large fleets. It allows the user to configure several wash programs for vehicles with panoramic mirrors and to have different set-ups with additional vertical brushes, a horizontal brush for the roof, and several pre-wash systems. The standard machine consists of two selectable vertical brushes with two wash heights, 3.8 or 4.5 metres, standard shampoo dosing on the rinse arch before the brushes, and a rinse arch with the possibility of wax dosing. The main cabinet includes a touch screen for user-friendly control and the possibility of remote connection. ADDITIONAL BRUSHES, 1.8m. FOAMY CHEMICAL SPRAY PRE-WASH ADDITIONAL BRUSHES 3.8m/4.5m HIGH PRESSURE HORIZONTAL BRUSH DIMENSIONS UNDERCHASSIS WASH Optional extra for the rocker panel of buses, with brushes with 1.8 metre wash height. Thanks to their small size, they are also capable of washing the front of the vehicle underneath the front mirrors, an area which is usually difficult to reach with the vertical brushes. Controlled by a pneumatic cylinder, these brushes can tilt 4°, exerting more pressure on the vehicle's lower areas and tyres. The drive through chemical pre-wash system applies a more powerful chemical product for fleets needing a thorough clean. Application is controlled by a 100 bar 28 L/min water pump with high chemical resistance and stainless steel pipes. Through a Venturi system, it generates a foamy film that allows the chemical product to work longer over the vehicle surface. As an alternative to the 1.8 metre brushes, the additional brushes wash the side of the vehicle covering their total height; they are controlled by pneumatic cylinders and a photocell that detects when the rear-view mirrors have been avoided so that the wash process can continue. They carry out a second side wash after that performed by the standard vertical brushes, something that may be necessary for fleets requiring a more thorough wash. This model offers the possibility of automating the high pressure process to avoid manually washing the lower sections and the tyres. There are two options: motorised high-pressure bottom rotators that work at 70 bar 84 or 126 L/min, or static side high pressure with a system of high-impact nozzles located at the bottom working at 70 bar 126L/min. Both options can be installed on the same machine. Optional extra for the vehicle roof: it works with a counterweight and a pneumatic cylinder ensuring a smoother operation when the roof surface of the vehicle is washed. With a 1.5 metre travel, it offers a variety of wash heights for fleets with very different vehicle heights. The roof wash contributes to the overall wash result and ensures a higher quality rinse, preventing dirt from the roof from affecting the sides. Built into the wash bay and not requiring an independent control system, the underchassis wash works at 70 bar 126 L/min and consists of 10 high-impact nozzles with a 10° orientation towards the vehicle rear to better clean the number plate and the mudguards. It uses the positioning photocell of the vertical brushes, activating the pumps for a limited time and therefore contributing to saving water and energy. ISTOBAL HW’EXPRESS NOTE: ISTOBAL S.A. reserves the right to introduce modifications designed to improve its products. 2 BRUSHES a: Width: 5,400 mm b: Length: 3,556 mm c: Height; 4,759 / 5,459 mm Overlapping front wash Drive through Overlapping rear scrub 4 BRUSHES a: Width: 5,400 mm b: Length: 5,870 mm c: Height; 4,759 / 5,459 mm 3 BRUSHES a: Width: 5,400 mm b: Length: 4,700 mm c: Height; 5,126 / 5,826 mm 5 BRUSHES a: Width: 5,400 mm b: Length: 7,010 mm c: Height; 5,126 / 5,826 mm a c b a c b a c b a c b