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The mission of the Society of Jesus since the time of its foundation by Saint Ignatius has always relied on the generosity of women and men whose readiness to share in supporting the works of the Society has enabled the carrying forward of the work of building the kingdom of God in the service of God’s people. Here at the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar our various ministries are a graced and privileged point of contact with people in their daily lives and especially at a time when there are such serious health and economic challenges to many across Africa. ANNUAL We are very grateful for this support here in this youngest part of the Society. All your donations continue to make possible the daily miracles of the Society of Jesus REViEW in its works. If you are at all able to share something of what you have in support of this mission, you can make a gift online in the currency of your choice at www.jesuitsdevelopment.africa/donate or www.jesuits.africa You can also donate as an individual or as a community or organisation through bank transfer, by contacting Fr. Paul Hamill SJ, [email protected] If your giving is only through prayer then know that you too are remembered and across the world. For any further information Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar (JCAM) Africama House, 260 Dagoretti Road – Karen P.O. Box 1540 – 00502 Nairobi, Kenya. +254 (0) 20 3884528 Fr. Paul Hamill SJ [email protected] Anastasia Makunu [email protected] www.jesuits.africa www.jesuitsdevelopment.africa www.ej.jesuits.africa www.ajan.africa www.jenaafrica.org Designed and published by Psych marketing Kenya

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