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Content thumbnail 2021-2022 Annual Report

2021-2022 Annual Report

2021-2022 Annual Report

Dear Faculty, Staff, Parents, Friends, and Alumni – By now, you know that the 2021-2022 school year saw us return to familiar routines and allowed us to restore critical elements of our programs and culture. That includes hosting a spring version of The Forward at Camp Young Judea, implementing a third Young Children’s Community class on the Springs campus, and holding the Upper Elementary’s annual market against the backdrop of the Creek campus garden amidst the students’ delightful crafts and creations. Schools are remarkably resilient organizations, and Headwaters is no exception. In fact, resilience is in our roots; it’s how we began, and it’s how we have sustained ourselves. We are proud of our efforts as we shook off many Ted Graf, challenges of the pandemic, and we are deeply grateful for your generous support. As you can see, we are Head of School poised to envision what is next for Headwaters and we invite you to join us in looking to the future. Respectfully, Thank you to Abigail Rosenthal and Sean Taylor Albertsons Safeway Alterstudio Amazon Web Services ACME A/C & HEATING Alexandra and Joshua Penry Amanda and Garett Owens American Constructors our 2021-2022 Adam and Kristen Battani Ali Ross and Tad Glauthier Amanda O’Shea and Jason Armatta Amina and Scott Garrison Adam Graham and Gina Scalapino Alina Poulsen-Berkowitz and John Berkowitz Amanda Siegrist - Emmons and Amira Glickman and Damon Steed donors! Adrienne and Charles Farmer Allene Evans and Tom Herod Cleve Emmons Amy Emberton and Manoj Panicker

Overview of Audited Financials, 21-22 School Year INCOME STATEMENT STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION 9% Revenue 2021-2022 2020-2021 Assets 6/30/2022 6/30/2021 Auxillary 19% Tuition & Fees (Net $8,581,286 $6,782,960 Current Assets $6,116,351 $4,110,040 9% Income General & Discounts & Financial Administrative Fixed Assets $11,302,516 $11,398,623 Contributions $10,435,696 Aid) 3% Contributions $975,409 $333,533 Total Assets $17,418,867 $15,508,663 Revenue Fundraising Auxillary Income $879,001 $264,441 Other Income - $909,800* Liabilities & Equity 6/30/2022 6/30/2021 Total Revenue $10,435,696 $8,290,734 Current Liabilities $3,619,232 $3,151,220 $8,849,026 Long Term Liabilities $6,924,884 $7,069,262 82% Expenses 78% Total Liabilities $10,544,116 $10,220,582 Tuition & Educational Expenses 2021-2022 2020-2021 Fees Educational $6,881,249 $5,172,981 Fundraising $311,543 $253,354 Net Assets $6,874,751 $5,288,081 General & $1,656,234 $1,416,750 Total Liabilities $17,418,867 $15,508,663 Administrative and Net Assets Total Expenses $8,849,026 $6,843,085 *This 昀椀gure includes a forgiven PPP loan from the SBA Amy Estes and Tobin Scroggins Andrea and JR Andreassen Anita Solberg Annete Marquez and Chris Cogburn Amy Loar and David Saltzman Andrea Estrada Ann Birkner Annwen Stewart Changes in Net Assests $1,586,670 $1,447,649* Amy Lowrey Andrew Derrett and Allison Howry Ann Higginbotham Gabe and Julie Bigger Amy Woodall Andrew Holcomb Anna Elisa and Jason Baker Ari Stoler Amy’s Ice Creams, Inc. Angela and Nick Egan Anne Bingham and Chris Houston Arpita and Jayesh Shah

Avé Luke Simpson and Will Simpson Caroline and Harry Olmsted David and Erica Heroy Gabriela Hernandez and Anthony Stanton Jennifer Graham and Matthew Donaldson Katherine Riojas Lee Dykes and Kimberly Rutledge Melissa and Cory Berendzen Barbara Donaho and Jason Sugawa Caroline and Rob Dixon David Morris and Heather Schafer Garrett and Erin Gibbs Jennifer Knight and Phil Brennan Kathleen Bonsall Lesley and Tyler Blessing Melissa Petrich Barbara Schwant Carrie and Randy Patterson Deborah Price Giselle Guerrero and Andres Valencia Jennifer Root and Nicholas Zhang Kathy and Grif昀椀n Lord Leslie Hirsch Meredith Hunt Bethany and Omar Fadel Carrie and Will Murchison Deborah Way-Salinas Harry and Caroline Olmsted Jennifer Skif昀椀ngton Kathy Harrington Linbeck Group, LLC Meredith Kinsey and Andy Weiner Bethany and Zachary Nelson Carrie Rodriguez and Luke Jacobs Dennis Security and Professional Harvey and Amy Zinn Jennifer Sturley Katie and Patrick Gallagher Linda Flores and Josh Allen Meredith Weiss Blake and Adrienne McCallister Cate Berry and David Hamburger Services, LLC Heather and Ruston Vickers Jenny Frazier Katie Creel and Tyson Schritter Lindsay and Dietrich Heide Michael and Erin Mof昀椀tt Bob and Lara White Catherine Benouis Devang Kothari Hilda Reilly Jerry Aubin Katrina Bekessy Lindsay Dye Michael Mullins Bobby and Angela Billman Cathleen and Shawn Slack Dianne Rossbach Hyon-Hee and Marc Georg Jeslyn Schuh Katrina Fetzer Lindsey McGrandy Michele Solberg and Oliver Steck Bokhee Na and Kangkil Lee Cathy and Abdul Sulieman Donald Minnis and Melissa Independent Financial Jessica Eveslage Katy and Matthew Acosta Lisa and Arthur Phelps Michelle and James Jackson Brenda and Jason Wicker Cecilia and Jeff Hogan Trevathan-Minnis IPNB Psychotherapy of Austin Jessica Gallagher Keely Bargnesi and Paul Cronin Lisa and Doroteo Perez Michelle and John Smolik Brenna Randolph and Eman Sojoodi Cheline Jaidar Donna and Ernest Rigsby Ismael Abrego and Anna Zieleniewska Jessica Loughlin and Wolfram Gauglitz Kelley and Nate Janes Lisa and Erik Pearson Michelle and Kay Winowiak Brian Johnson and Brooke Turner Chris Hart Ed Bailey and Clarissa Hulsey Bailey J D Wofford Jessica Rio Kelly Bonsall and Sean Headden Lisa and Michael Furrh Mirna and Ben Maddox Brian Yager Christine Edwards and John Weidler Eduardo and Debra Martinez James Rizkalla Jessica Zalaznick and Russell Lambrecht Kelly Dickens Lisa Dubuque Wood and William Wood Misty and Ezra Pagel Bridget Brown Christine Lissitzyn Ehud Barlach and Ronny Geffen Jan Schaaf Jim Weichert Kelly Inselmann and Chiddi N’Jie Lizzie Clarke Misty Mathis and Justin Poag Bridget Lewin Christine Overman Eileen and Drew Liedeker Jana Leon Guerrero and Scott Nguyen Jingyan Guo and Andrew Cockerham Kelsey and Robert Borgeson Lori and Brett Strong Mmmpanadas Brittney and Andrew O’Connell Christy and David Heath Eleanor and Eric Grif昀椀n Jane and Alexander Huk Johanna and David Barber Kena Pierce Luis and Amanda Donoso Molly and Kyle Clayton Brooke and Kevin Goodlett Clive Bode Elif Iyriboz and Alfonso Calderon Jane Zuniga John and Angela Lively Kerry Joyce Monica Shah and Brian Dunigan Brooke and Sam Frazier Cody Pagels Eliot and Catherine Engelman Janna Bureson and Viktor Olavson John and Judith Egerton Khushbu Agarwal and Abhinav Vishnu Madeline Newchurch Monique Threadgill and James Starr Bryan Hale Cody Vickers Elissa and Joey Cantrell Jason Kunes John Murphy Kim Overton Madicyn Villalobos Nabil Ezzarhouni Caitlin Clark and Francisco Colin Buechler Elizabeth and Andrew Hoesley Jeanne Hoesley John Wright and Troy Gilbert Kimberly and Ryan Davis Magalie L’Abbe and Travis Rathert Naranjo Ewbank Family Foundation Bonilla Kuhlmann Community Partnership Fund Elizabeth Vickers Jeff Dahlgren Joseph and Karina Pagano Kit Purdy Maggie and Anand Anbalagan Natalia and Jonathan Chappelow Caitlynn Taylor Compass Group Ellen Loar Jeffrey Hiller Jote Khalsa and Matt Clawson Kobchat Wongchotigul Magon Kunes Nicholas Lateur and Amara Nitibhon Candy Porter Corinne and Brendan Callahan Emily and Cassidy Crocker Jeffrey Hughes and Jill Lentfer Julia Pinkerton and Kent Warren Kristin Gorra Mandy and Aaron Levy Nichole and Courtney Abshire Cardinal Senior Bene昀椀ts Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden Eric Holden Jenifer Patterson Juliane and Adam Shore Kristina Julich and Patrick Heimbach Marc and Jessica Evans Norma and Jeff Van Horn Cari Marshall and Eric de Valpine Courtney and Todd Erickson Erica Par昀椀t Jenn Wooten and Dan Gilkison Julie and Lance Spears Lara Schmidl-Simandi Marc Lionetti Norma Cortez Carmen Brown and William Olmsted Craig Kern Erika Payan Zanetti Jenna Gelgand Julie Holden and John Watters Laura and Jeffrey Quilici Marcela and Eric Billig Olivia Toepfer Carmen-Christina Kelleher Cynthia Bode Erin Lawder Jennie Glass Julieta and Christopher Seebach Laura and Madison Cooper Maria and Brett Bickerton Oscar and Lucille Berrones Carol Fonken Dalya Sachs Erin Fassnacht and Brian Phillips Jennifer and Brent Schackmann Julija Sukys and Sean Gurd Laura Bredeson Maria Archuleta and Jonathan Skelley Owen and Jodi Egerton Carol Rosenthal Dana and Sam Stewart Erin Fonken and Brandon Mathis Jennifer and Irma Kramer Brian and Karen Barry Laura Clapp Mark and Ellen DiZio Paige Whitney Carolena and David Schuette Daniel Mitchell Erin Shotwell and Oliver Ponce Jennifer and James Austin Karl Lundin and Rendi Nutt Lauren Gonzalez Mark and Laleh Moffatt Paul Lambert and Katy Oliveira-Lambert Carolina and Josh Bear Danielle and Ronald Hasso Eunmi Ahn-Derrett and Nicholas Derrett Jennifer and Jason Parkman Kate and Tim Abel Lauren Tybor and Chetan Kamdar Mary Behle and Lisa Braun Paula Pacotti Carolina K Reid - Life & Annuities Darrell Lomelino Florence Gallegos Jennifer and Steven Fleming Katherina and Justin Bryant Laurie and David Rocha Mary Sue Marmion Paula Wellings and Cooper Simmons Caroline and Christopher Roesel Dasha and Brian White Frost Domel PLLC Jennifer and William Tolan Katherine and Mike Wilford Leah Cochran and Amanda Johnson Maxwell Locke & Ritter Phil’s Ice House Caroline and Dan Roberts Dave and Ladye Anne Wofford Frost Insurance Agency, Inc. Jennifer Dizio and Keith Martin Katherine Jones and Don Pitts Lee Chavez Melanie Meador and Cathy Morris Pitney Bowes

Priya Garg and Scott Lee Sapna and Nirav Bhagat Suzanne and Gaines Kilpatrick Tracey and Allan Cole Rachael and William Biggs Sara and Brian Pitre Suzanne Fanger and Christopher Rossbach Tracy Manier and Dan Floyd Rachael Neal and Dave Cortez Sara Braun T.J. Palvino Tyler Brown and Shanna Dickey-Brown Rachel and Barksdale English Sara Buswell Tamara Bryan and Jeremy Minton Vanessa and Brian Rigsby Rachel and Kevin Alter Sarah and Eric Mayes Tamara Dehay and William Blacklock Vanessa and Matthew Vance Rachel and Taylor Rhoads Sarah and Joseph Christopher Lord Tami and Brad Esson Vanessa MacDougal Rachel Ney Sarah and Paul Armendariz Tammy Isley Vanessa Reiser Raelen and Robert Reagan Sarah McCracken and Andrew Merrill Ted and Amy Graf Varian Medical Systems Realty Austin Scott and Adrienne MacKenzie Temple and Ryan Gossett VickiAuth Cosmetics LLC Rebecca and Theodore Kalomiris Scott and Jenny Lawson Terra Lynch and Aric Cheston Vivian and Ed Muzio Rebecca Merino Sean Petrie Terri and Fred Haas Whitney Patterson Rebecca Warnick Seth and Lynn Rose Aaronson The Heart of the Oak Foundation William Scroggie RejuvaWell Shannon and Brian Szymczak Thom and Sara Gibson Winfred Vickers Richard and Kelly Edwards Shirley Dubuque Thomas J. and Betty Melton Winstanley Luke Richard Pierik and Rebecca Pollard-Pierik Shreya and Alap Jani Tiffany and Nate Wooten Wire Products Supply Co. Rigby Slack, PLLC Simel Jenkins-Bey Tiffany and Sage Caldwell Yasmin Cueva and Leonardo Madrigal Robert Gasper and Amy Morgan SLIC Design Tiffany Goodman Bilbe and Mitchell Bilbe Yi-Wen Su Robert Hammett and Robin Scott Stacey and Keegan Archer Tiffany Rose and Akeem Smith Zach Redler and Mariana Miranda Roberto and Amy Nylund Stephanie Sherrod and Jeff Neumann Tobias and Sharon Evgenides Zachary and Nichole Been Roz and Jeff Sherman Steve & Kate’s Camp Todd and Sara Headden Zinthia Flores Ruth Anne and Daniel Bloor Steven Rittvo Ryan Maf昀椀tt Susanna and Martin Butler Thank you to our Sahar and Romain Pokrzywka Susie and Bill Gravette Sam Greer Susie Demarest 2021-2022 donors! Sana and Asim Malik Suzanna Choffel and Paul Oveisi Every Gift Matters, Make Yours Today