Headwaters School 2022-2023 Annual Report

2022-2023 Annual Report

Dear Friends of Headwaters, Thanks to your support, generosity, encouragement, advice, and countless gestures of kindness. Headwaters 昀椀nds itself as healthy as it has ever been. The vitality of our programs is on display every day – whether it’s in the SmartLab on the River Campus; on the turf 昀椀eld at Creek; or in our thriving Young Children’s Community on the Springs Campus, the school is vibrant, dynamic, and greeting our students each day with care and connection, challenge and con昀椀dence. Thanks to your gifts, our capacity to provide access to Headwaters for more curious and engaged students in the form of 昀椀nancial aid has increased. Your enthusiastic participation in the PACT Challenge has directly supported the school in its efforts to Ted Graf, Head of School reach families from across Austin. Your faith in the school and the guides gave us the con昀椀dence to offer the largest salary increase to faculty and staff in years and to sustain and improve our generous bene昀椀ts package. Over and above compensation, the school supported the faculty with over $260,000 spent in professional growth and learning. As you read through the school’s annual report, take pride in what you have helped foster, and join us in spreading the word about the school’s inspiring work as we continue to think expansively about what school should be and to create it bravely with all of you. All the best,

Overview of Audited Financials, 22-23 School Year INCOME STATEMENT STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION 15% 17% Revenue 2022-2023 2021-2022 Assets 6/30/2023 6/30/2022 Auxillary General & Tuition & Fees $8,970,493 $8,581,286 Current Assets $7,498,561 $6,116,351 Income Revenue Administrative (Net Discounts & Fixed Assets $11,909,275 $11,302,516 $13,510,261 4% Financial Aid) 16% Fundraising Contributions $283,560 $975,409 Right-of-use Assest $1,181,401 - Contributions Total Assets $20,589,237 $17,418,867 of non-昀椀nancial Contributions of $2,182,629 $483,444 assets 66% non-昀椀nancial assets Tuition & 79% Auxillary Income $2,073,579 $879,001 Liabilities & Equity 6/30/2023 6/30/2022 2% Fees Expenses Educational Total Revenue $13,510,261 $10,919,140 Current Liabilities $3,911,994 $3,619,232 Contributions $11,859,959 Long Term Liabilities $6,775,622 $6,924,884 Expenses 2022-2023 2021-2022 Operating Lease $1,376,568 - Educational $9,352,904 $7,297,011 Liability Fundraising $494,820 $390,114 Total Liabilities $12,064,184 $10,544,116 General & $2,012,235 $1,645,345 2022-2023 Donors Administrative Net Assets $8,525,053 $6,874,751 Total Expenses $11,859,959 $9,332,470 Total Liabilities and $20,589,237 $17,418,867 Carol Aaron Md Shaheen Ahmmed and Laila Kanak Ben Appl and Deborah Lykins James and Jennifer Austin Net Assets Angela and Justin Aaron Jennifer and Forrest Aldridge Keegan and Stacey Archer Melanie Babbitt and Coby Crockard Nicholas Lawson and Cassandra Abate Anand and Maggie Anbalagan Maria Archuleta and Jonathan Skelley Ed Bailey Patricia Abate Amber Anderson Paul and Sarah Armendariz David and Johanna Barber Changes in Net Assests $1,650,302 $1,586,670 Courtney and Nichole Abshire Andrea and JR Andreassen Jeremy Aubin Donna Barkow

Tim Barkow Bridget and Daniel Brown Mabel’s Labels Mariah Craven and Olivier Farache Ehud Barlach and Ronny Geffen Clarice Laires and Lyren Brown Amazon Katie Creel and Tyson Schritter Stephanie Barraco Cindy and Andy Brummer KB Academic Therapy Emily and Cassidy Crocker “I could upload my design and spend $100 to Brian and Karen Barry Tamara Bryan and Jeremy Minton Mmmpanadas Joan Cronin New Project Week Grant Carol Barry Justin and Katherina Bryant Albertsons Safeway Paul Cronin and Keely Bargnesi get these samples to make sure they worked Kristy and Adam Battani Colin Buechler Fidelity Charitable Duane Crowley This school year, The Development Of昀椀ce launched a new out and that they were up to the standard that Jacqueline Bauer Bobby Bullard Square 1 Art, LLC Emily Crumley program, the Project Week Grant, available to high school I wanted. It gave my business a kickstart.” Nichole Reye and Zachary Been Kira Bunch Rittvo Family Foundation Jeff Dahlgren Katrina Bekessy and Dan Provost Armando Busto Iturbide and Box Tops for Education Diane Darrough students in grades 9 through 11. Eligible students can –2023 Grant Winner Oksana Belov Patricia Nunez Garcia Schwab Charitable Fund Laurie Daubert receive up to $250 in grant funding to support their Project Ralph Berendzen Tia Butler The Heart of the Oak Foundation Valerie and Michael Daubert Cory and Melissa Berendzen Mandy Waid and Shawn Calamari Compass Group Jerry Justin and Leslie Davis Week projects. In this inaugural year, a committee of four of this program on students’ lives and excited to see Cate Berry and David Hamburger Richard Calamari Frost Insurance Agency, Inc. Kimberly Davis senior students rewarded 昀椀ve applications with grant it grow in the future, providing Nirav and Sapna Bhagat Tiffany Caldwell Rigby Slack, PLLC Lisa and Josh Day Brett Bickerton Corinne Callahan Varian Medical Systems Eric de Valpine and Carrie Marshall funding. As part of the grant program Seniors students also more students with the Antonio and Julie Bigger Noe and Katie Calvillo The Carlson Law Firm Susie Demarest have the opportunity to raise funds for next year’s grant as opportunity to realize Rachael and William Biggs George and Kimberly Catlin BountyJobs Zocalo Design Eric and Marcela Billig Miguel and Andrea Centeno Group Harmonics Inc. Kelly and Linda Dickens part of their senior class gift. their Project Week George Bishop and Aditi Shah Henry and Heather Chalmers Dwyer Murphy Calvert LLP Shanna and Tyler Dickey-Brown dreams. Richard Bitz and Chinny Okpara Natalia and Jonathan Chappelow Air Consulting Clint and Stephanie Dickson The funds were used for various projects, from painting Nanette Bledel Rosie and Tony Chavez Lunacorp Caroline and Rob Dixon supplies to starting an online business, and even Alexis Bledel South Austin Chiro ACME A/C & HEATING Lindsay Doleshal Kellie Bledsoe Kenneth Choffel Far South Nursery Barbara Donaho and Jason Sugawa purchasing a bass guitar! One grant recipient shared Tyler and Leslie Blessing Suzanna Choffel and Paul Oveisi Omar Fadel Music LLC Matthew Donaldson and Jennifer Graham his experience during a Project Week presentation and Ruth Anne and Daniel Bloor Stacy Christie and Travis Young Independent Financial Amanda Donoso Ann Blythe Benson Will Clark Happy Heart Ranch Gezim Drenova and Tanya Kennel highlighted the impact of the grant on his project. He Cynthia Bode Stephen Clarke Birdcreek Roo昀椀ng - Eric Holden Sheila Dubin said, “I don’t have any money so how am I going to start Jana and Ken Bodeman Molly Clayton TreeRing Corporation Robert and Shirley Dubuque Lorraine and Will Bonsall Troy Cole Squadlocker Lisa Dubuque Wood and Bill Wood a business? Headwaters offered a grant, so I applied and Rob Borja Allan and Tracey Cole Madison and Laura Cooper Ellen Ducote they offered me $250 to get started with that. The grant Mhairi Bowie and Dermot Gavigan Benevity Community Impact Fund, The Helen and Robert Cooper Jason Duncan and Kim Overton Gordon Braswell American Online Giving Foundation Paola Cortes Reyna and Mark Manthey John Weidler and Christine Edwards helped me with my manufacturer.” It gave my business a Phil Brennan and Jennifer Knight Vanguard Charitable David Cortez and Rachel Neal Abigail Edwards kickstart.” We are thrilled to witness the positive impact Carmen Brown and Andy Olmsted JPMorgan Chase Pamela and Ramiro Cowper Richard and Kelly Edwards

Angela and Nick Egan James Frost Paige Haber-Curran and Thomas Curran Jan Jensen Ginger Locke-Floyd Owen and Jodi Egerton Karen and Eric Fry Cortney Hall Tanya Arizola Johns and Michael Johns Matthew and Christina Loftus Gareth Egerton Lisa and Michael Furrh Kathy and Tim Harrington Amanda Johnson and Leah Cochran Sarah and Christopher Lord Larry and Karen Ercoline Jessica Gallagher Chris Hart Mary and Matthew Johnson Jessica Loughlin Todd and Courtney Erickson Katie and Patrick Gallagher Danielle and Ronald Hasso Don Pitts and Katherine Jones Patricia and Joshua Luber Tami and Brad Esson Noah Galuszka and Stephanie Hopkins Kristen Hawks and David Villafranca Francés Jones Terra Lynch and Aric Cheston Amy Estes and Tobin Scroggins Matthew and Heather Galvano Todd and Sara Headden Doug Jones Jennifer Maas and Matthew Sullivan Andrew and Robin Eubanks Alexandra Gantley and Micah Perry Elizabeth and Keith Henneke Kristina Julich and Patrick Heimbach Colin and Vanessa MacDougal Brian and Mouna Evans Priya Garg and Scott Lee Gabriela Hernandez and Anthony Stanton Carla Jung Barbara Maloney Dale and Lisa Evert Amina and Scott Garrison Tricia Hernandez Amy and Kelly Kading Brendan and Mindy Maloney Sharon and Tobias Evgenides Peter Gasper David and Erica Heroy Justin Kasulka and Christine Smartt Michael Maloney Jim Ewbank Mark Gaston and Jennifer Fenton-Gaston Austin Herrmann Shaheen Kauser and Shariq Mohammed Mary Sue Marmion Headwaters David Ewing Jenna Gelgand and Jesus Oviedo Nicole and Eric Higginbotham Carmen-Christina Kelleher and Keith Martin and Jennifer DiZio Nabil Ezzarhouni and Stacie Freasier Angela and Ashlyn Gentry Yue Leslie Hirsch Russell Korte Jenna Martin and Tal Tversky School’s SmartLab: Bethany and Omar Fadel Jean Germain Andrew and Elizabeth Hoesley Jote and Matt Khalsa Jen and Noah Masterson Maxwell Locke & Ritter Erin and Garrett Gibbs Jeanne Hoesley Jessica Kingman and Allan Murphy Misty Mathis and Justin Poag A Center for Student- Adrienne and Charles Farmer Morris Bud Gibbs Eric Holden Stephanie Klinect Sergey Maydanov Led Exploration Erin Fassnacht and Brian Phillips Troy Gilbert and John Wright The Honor Roll Jennifer and Nathan Koppel Tamara May昀椀eld Katrina Fetzer Jenn Wooten and Dan Gilkison Samantha and Chad Hooten Devang and Arpy Kothari Gary May昀椀eld Cody and Kristen Fields Jennifer Giroux Farmhouse Delivery Irma and Jennifer Kramer Valerie Mayo Thanks to EANS funds, Headwaters School Gordon and Lisa Fischer Jennie Glass Chris Houston and Anne Bingham Magon and Jason Kunes Blake McCallister Elaine and Peter FitzGibbon Amira Glickman and Damon Steed Allison Howry and Jason Derrett Mike and Sara Largent Krystal and Ryan McCarthy installed a fully integrated SmartLab at the River Steven and Jennifer Fleming Katherine Gonyea Jennifer Hritz Chris and Arielle Larson Katherine and Reid McCoy Campus in May 2023. The lab boasts nine independent workstations and an array Melina and Reies Flores Lauren Gonzalez Jeffrey and Jill Hughes Jenn Larson Sarah McCracken and Andrew Merrill Linda and Josh Flores Tiffany Goodman Bilbe and Mitchell Bilbe Carl Hunermund and Kara Murphy Debra Law Matt and Suzanne McGinnis of resources to facilitate diverse STEM projects and explorations. With a student- Zinthia Flores and Rodrigo Becerril Kristin Gorra Susan Hurley Jenny and Scott Lawson Clay McMillan centered approach, learners can explore and pursue their interests at their own Dan Floyd and Tracy Manier Temple and Ryan Gossett Koldo Ibarra Barbara Lee Alison McMillin Carol Fonken Ted and Amy Graf Nine Ix and Allison Starnes Linda Levy Andi and Bryan McNeal pace. Guide Stephanie Roach stated, “SmartLab is not just a physical space, but a Erin Fonken and Brandon Mathis Bill and Susie Gravette Elif Zeynep Iyriboz Jason Lewiss Melanie Meador and Cathy Morris space of possibilities–where students will build a strong foundation in the design Brenna Forsyth Marcy and Sam Greer James Jackson Eileen and Drew Liedeker Michael Mei Larry and Kelli Foulkrod Jeffrey Gross Luke Jacobs and Carrie Rodriguez Nicole Lloyd and Taro Naruse Amanda Meyer and Anja Gugger process.” The lab has already seen projects like bridge-building, drone piloting, and Jenny Frazier Sean Gurd and Julija Sukys Cheline Jaidar Steven and Autumn Lloyd Austin Chapter of the Association of music composition. The SmartLab is also utilized by two Middle School electives, Brooke and Sam Frazier Isabelle Guthery Nathaniel Janes Ellen Loar Legal Administrators Emily Frost Terri and Fred Haas Alap and Shreya Jani Trisha Locke Eric Miramon and Paw Sriprasit as well as IB Physics and IB Design Tech classes.

Mariana Miranda Paula and Sheldon Pacotti Brenna Randolph and Eman Sojoodi Tiffany Promise Jonathan and Rachael Padgett Douglas Rauls Julia Mitchell Joseph and Karina Pagano Lesley Regan How did you decide to become a therapist? budgetary thing. We all just need money to get things done, Erin and Michael Mof昀椀tt Anne Marie Palmer Hilda Reilly Probably the biggest thing that comes to mind for me is it’s the way life works. The grant has taken that burden off Joy and Jethro Montzka Taina Palombo-Price Vanessa Reiser Amy Morgan and Robert Gasper Palomino Landscape Construction LLC Brendan O’Donoghue and I grew up in North Louisiana, as a minority. My parents the administrators at Headwaters and they are able to say David Morris and Heather Schafer Jessica Palvino and Jeremy Menking Kelsey Richardson immigrated to Louisiana from India so it was always very yes to more services for the guides and students. John Murphy Manoj Panicker and Suzette Emberton Timothy and Shelley Riedel Edward Muzio Erica Dale Par昀椀t Brian and Vanessa Rigsby clear to me that I was different, other, to my peers. I was Amanda and Dennis Myers Jennifer and Jason Parkman Jessica Abril Rio Tula Counseling always so curious about what made us, humans, different - What is rewarding, personally or professionally, Bokhee Na Jason and Regan Parks Katie and Amador Riojas Mona and Andrew Nafziger Komal and Nilesh Patel Scott and Margot Ritchie In the 2022-2023 similar, why we did the things we did, why we felt the way in your work with Headwaters? Katy Nail Carrie and Randy Patterson Steven Rittvo school year, Headwaters we felt. My natural curiosity led me to wanting to engage Being a part of a bigger community is so lovely, having Leslie Nail Erika Payan Zanetti and Renato Zanetti Stephanie Roach Ann Marie Nakatsu Josh and Alexandra Penry Dan and Caroline Roberts School received of the with other people in a meaningful way. that connection, that sense of purpose, and that sense Jewel Natarajan Tracy Perales Chiprut Laurie and David Rocha Emergency Assistance for of belonging is just really impactful and beautiful. A Madhu Natarajan Patricio Perez Brian and Sara Rock Bethany and Zachary Nelson Lisa and Doroteo Perez Allison and Brett Roper Nonpublic Schools (EANS) What brought you to the Headwaters community? community like Headwaters is already so strong, it already Aubrey and Lars Nelson Davina Peyton Abigail Rosenthal and Sean Taylor grant. One of the major I was introduced to Ted right as he was starting and we has so much de昀椀ned purpose that being Mladen Sokolovic and Rachel Ney Jennifer Phillips Carol Rosenthal Michelle Nezamabadi and Aaron Radicke Krista Phillips Tad Glauthier and Alexandria Ross opportunities to come really connected. Originally I was offering kind of adjunct able to offer mental health services Fabian Ng Brian and Sara Pitre Christopher John Rossbach and from the grant was an services, crisis consultation, and general counseling. Really to a community like that is in a Scott Nguyen and Jana Leon Guerrero Mark Poag Suzanne Fanger Natalie Niles Arguello Romain and Sahar Pokrzywka Darla Williamson Ruggiero expansion of Headwaters I was there to offer additional support as it was needed. way really profound. Zene Noor and Christopher Hughes Eva Pollack Lee Dykes and Kimberly Rutledge School’s’ partnership with Svetlana and Peter Nuernberg Oliver Ponce and Erin Shotwell Sarah Sallis and Dwight Baker We look forward to next Amy and Rob Nylund Candy Porter Gilbert Fabian and Paula Sanchez Tula Counseling. We sat Can you speak to a little bit about how the EANS year when the Governor’s Brittney and Andrew O’Connell Guido and Leslie Porto Christopher and Kelly Sapstead down with Sumati from Grant has helped you in your work with Headwaters? Meg Ohman Neils Poulsen Lara Anne Schmidl-Simandi Assistance to Private Katy Anne Oliveira-Lambert and Alina Poulsen-Berkowitz and John Berkowitz Irena and Evan Schmidt Tula Counseling to talk Headwaters has always been so completely bought in to Schools grant will help Paul Lambert Laurence Prodel Kirby Schroeder about her experience at the need for mental health services on campus, I think it’s Harry Olmsted Gerardo Di Trolio and Carmen Pucciariello Jeslyn Schuh and Lee Chavez us continue these David Goodrich and Lisa Olstein Kit Purdy Betsy and David Schulz Headwaters. appropriate and fair for me to say it’s just been a amazing programs! Amanda and Garett Owens Laura and Jeff Quilici Chelsea and Joshua Scott

Robin Scott and Robert Hammett Anita Solberg Brian and Shannon Szymczak Deborah Way-Salinas Julieta and Christopher Seebach Elizabeth Sommers Hani Talebi Andy Weiner Thomas Shaw Dirk Sonniksen Lillian Taylor Meredith and Jesse Weiss Ashley and Peter Shenk Julie and Lance Spears Cait Taylor Dasha and Brian White Jeff Sherman Melissa and Michael Stavitz Emily Templeton Paige Whitney Stephanie Lynn Sherrod Steve & Kate’s Camp Monique Threadgill Jason and Brenda Wicker Adam and Juliane Shore Sam and Dana Stewart Liv and Reynold Toepfer Katherine and Mike Wilford Paul and Kendyl Shrogin Annwen Stewart Jennifer and William Tolan kidsActing Cooper and Andrew Simmons Wilson Stoker and Melissa Mauer Natalie Turner and Erin McNeely Michelle and Kay Winowiak Will Simpson and Ave Luke-Simpson Ari Stoler Donald and Emily Van Court Alexis and Marc Woffenden Caroline Simpson Brett and Lori Strong Norma and Jeff Van Horn Fiona and Randy Woods Jennifer Skif昀椀ngton Yi-Wen Su Matthew and Vanessa Vance Tiffany and Nate Wooten Cathleen and Shawn Slack Abdul and Cathy Sulieman Magdalena Vial Brian Yager Akeem and Tiffany Rose Smith Esha Suthar Elizabeth and Cody Vickers Semih Yanyali and Tifani Vernon-Yanyali Karen Smith Uma Suthar Madicyn Villalobos Nicholas Zhang and Jennifer Root John and Michelle Smolik Maulik Suthar Sarah and Herman von Hapsburg Lucy Zhao Michele Solberg and Oliver Steck Marla Swett Kent Warren Anna Zieleniewska Thank you to our 2022-2023 donors! Every Gift Matters, Make Yours Today headwaters.org/giving

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