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Save a Child's Heart Canada IMPACT REPORT 2 0 2 2

Every day is a chance to change someone’s life Accomplishments come in many forms, from something as simple as making someone smile or as complex as a life-saving surgery. In whatever way it occurs, we are proud of our medical professionals, staff, volunteers, donors, and the children and families who walked through the doors of Save a Child’s Heart in 2022. Together, we have made a profound difference for so many. Last year, over 500 children were treated by Save a Child's Heart around the world, of which, 451 procedures were performed in Israel. Our continued commitment to training the best and brightest medical professionals, who have since returned to their home countries to provide world-class care, resulted in more than 400 children treated in Tanzania and Ethiopia alone. As Dr. Yayu Mekonnen, a Save a Child's Heart trained pediatric cardiac surgeon, said; “For such a long time cardiac surgery was like a mountain that could not be climbed. Now we are scaling that mountain”. Save a Child’s Heart is eternally grateful for the generous support of our donors. Without your dedication, we would not have been able to celebrate our accomplishments. We thank you for all you do to help us positively change the lives of so many. Let us all celebrate good health (and healthy hearts) in 2023. 2 S A V E A C H I L D ' S H E A R T C A N A D A I M P A C T R E P O R T 2 0 2 2 2 |

2022 IN REVIEW Save a Child’s Heart has now treated more than 6,000 children, expanded to its 66th country (South Sudan) and officially opened the doors to the new Sylvan Adams Children’s Hospital at the Wolfson Medical Center in Israel. Read on for more highlights from the last 12 months: Medical Treatment in Israel 1 12 new medical professionals were trained in Israel by Save a Child's Heart, hailing from Ethiopia, Zambia, the Palestinian Authority, Gaza and Nigeria. Surgeries and Treatment Abroad Five medical missions were conducted - two interventional 2 cardiology missions in Tanzania (funded by Canadians) which treated 43 children in total, one surgical mission on the Ivory Coast which treated 49 children, one clinic in Zanzibar and one clinic in Chad which screened 448 children. Saving Lives Internationally Over 1,000 children underwent cardiology examinations and 3 attended follow-up in clinics held in Zanzibar and Chad, along with the weekly Palestinian clinic held every Tuesday in Israel at the Ida Cabakoff International Pediatric Cardiac Center for Save a Child's Heart. 3 S A V E A C H I L D ' S H E A R T C A N A D A I M P A C T R E P O R T 2 0 2 2 3 |

FUNDRAISING IN CANADA Continuing with our legacy of unforgettable events, below is a snapshot of how Save a Child’s Heart Canada succeeded in raising over $2.1 million dollars in 2022. The Best of the Best Ungala • A gastronomic experience curated by Anthony Rose, featuring the best dishes from some of Toronto’s best chefs and restauranteurs • More than $1.1 million dollars raised with over 600 people in attendance Young Professional Events Multiple in-person events including Movie Night, • Cocktails for a Cause, and fitness classes held over the course of the year in both Toronto and Montreal • Approximately $55,000 raised thanks to our Young Professional Boards Levity Musical • Our inaugural musical showcase featuring popular songs from Broadway to the Top 100 music charts, hosted by The Food Network’s John Catucci • Through sponsorships and ticket sales (both in-person and livestream), $150,000 was raised S A V E A C H I L D ' S H E A R T C A N A D A I M P A C T R E P O R T 2 0 2 2 4 |

LOOKING AHEAD TO 2023 We continue to raise the bar each year. Read on to find out how Save a Child’s Heart Canada intends to show our support in the next 12 months. Medical Treatment In Israel 1 Committed to providing all travel, accommodation and treatment costs for 40 children to go to Israel from developing countries. Support For Tanzania 2 Continue to support Save a Child’s Heart trained medical professionals in Tanzania and provide life-saving medical devices and supplies so more children can be treated locally. Partnering with Zambia 3 Build upon the existing relationship with Zambia, by funding treatment for children in Israel, training medical professionals and enhancing the connection between Zambia's Lusaka Teaching Hospital and the Jakaya Kikwete Cardiac Institute in Tanzania. S A V E A C H I L D ' S H E A R T C A N A D A I M P A C T R E P O R T 2 0 2 2 5 |