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The things I'd do for ice cream!

K J M B O O K S The things I'd do for ice cream!

Hi, I'm Joey! I'm having a really good day. I've been playing games all morning and now, my mum and I are going to get some ice cream! I love ice cream! Page 1

Except, I'm starting to feel a bit worried. The ice cream shop can be noisy and I DO NOT like noise. What should I do? a) Tell mum what I'm worried about (go to page 3). b) Just go and hope it's not too noisy (go to page 5). Page 2

I did it! I told mum I was worried about the ice cream shop being too noisy. She gave me a hug and told me she understood. She says she doesn't like it when a place is really noisy either! Then mum reminded me about my headphones. Page 3

If I take my headphones, I can put them on if the shop is too loud. Ice cream, here I come! This was a VERY good day. Page 4