Marcelle Dias
Marcelle Dias
Financial Services Technology 2020 and Beyond PwC
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Current state Enterprise integration
Human-centric Application 1
business processes
contained within the P1 P2 P3 P4
walls of enterprise
and constrained App 2 App 3 App 4 Monolithic
by monolithic and legacy core
complex legacy core Customer Bank systems
systems. staff
Human and robotics- Component Account opening
enabled business Integration systems Origination
Future state processes that reside fabric Customer
within the enterprise Underwriting
or in cloud, liberated Account statement
by component-based Deposit processing
modern core system. P1 P2
Payment processing
Customer Bank Robotics process Loan processing
staff automation
the-dominant-infrastructure-model trend is financial institutions to bring innovations
how much cheaper it is than maintaining a to market quickly and test and adapt as P4
legacy, physical infrastructure. they go. These developments provide many P3
These days, the concept of service-oriented opportunities to reduce costs, through
architecture can be used more broadly than economies of scale and new application
ever, starting with how systems are linked. support models.
We encourage you to think big: essentially, Deploy robotics and AI-based
setting expectations for a systems design that automation
allows IT to plug anything into anything. Our estimates suggest more than half of the
Core systems of record and processing will activities people are paid to perform can be
need to plug into an integrated architecture automated by adopting advanced robotics
fabric. Cloud-based platforms will allow and AI – either now, or surprisingly soon.
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Fintech Will Drive The New Business Model 8
Update Your It Operating Model To Get Ready For The ‘New Normal’ 29
The Sharing Economy Will Be Embedded In Every Part Of The Financial System 11
Slash Costs By Simplifying Legacy Systems, Taking Saas Beyond The Cloud, And Adopting Robotics/ai 32
Blockchain Will Shake Things Up 12
Build The Technology Capabilities To Get More Intelligent About Your Customers’ Needs 35
Digital Becomes Mainstream 15
Prepare Your Architecture To Connect To Anything, Anywhere 37
Executive Summary
You Can’t Pay Enough Attention To Cyber-security 40
Advances In Robotics And Ai Will Start A Wave Of ‘Re-shoring’ And Localisation 20
Cyber-security Will Be One Of The Top Risks Facing Financial Institutions 23
Asia Will Emerge As A Key Centre Of Technology-driven Innovation 25
Regulators Will Turn To Technology, Too 27
Six Priorities For 2020