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Content thumbnail 2007 Clinton Income Tax Estimate

2007 Clinton Income Tax Estimate

Senator Hillary Clinton and President Clinton 2007 Tax Information The Clintons will seek an extension of time to file their 2007 tax return, as they have for the past 3 years, because they are waiting to receive information related to partnership income, including investments made by the Trustees of their Blind Trust. The Blind Trust was unblinded on April 27, 2007 and the assets, with the exception of U.S. treasury notes and federal bonds, were sold on May 11, 2007. The tax information in this release is based upon the best estimates of the Clintons' tax attorney. Senator Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton have paid $5,100,000 in federal income taxes on an estimated total income of $20,400,000 for 2007. They will not pay additional taxes when they file their extension. Senator Clinton and President Clinton made more than $3,000,000 in charitable contributions in 2007, including $1,000,000 from the proceeds of President Clinton's book, Giving. The Clintons' estimated 2007 total income includes, among other items: Senator Clinton's salary $150,200 Senator Clinton's book royalties $152,864 President's Clinton's pension $186,600 President Clinton's book income $4,434,446 President Clinton's speeches $10,145,000 Partnership income $2,750,000 Advisor income from InfoUSA $400,000 Income from savings accounts $485,000 Investment income from Blind Trust $3,515,000 (The partnership, speeches and investment income above are estimated figures) Information on the Clintons' 2007 estimated total income and federal tax payments is provided by their tax attorney, Howard M. Topaz of Hogan & Hartson. # # #