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Content thumbnail 2016 Democrats on Cuban Adjustment Act

2016 Democrats on Cuban Adjustment Act

1996: Then-Senator Biden Voted In Favor Of An Amendment “To Condition The Repeal Of The Cuban Adjustment Act On A Democratically Elected Government In Cuba Being In Power.” [S.Amdt.3760, S.Amdt.3743, S.1664, Vote 91, 4/30/96] 2000: Then-First Lady Clinton Believed Elian Gonzalez Should Be Sent Back To Cuba To His Father. “In her strongest words on the issue so far, Hillary Rodham Clinton said today that Elian Gonzalez belonged with his father, and she roundly criticized Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and others, saying they were exploiting the boy's misfortunes. ‘I believe personally that this little boy should be with his father,’ she said at a news conference called by state Democratic officials to endorse legislation that would ratchet up penalties for hate crimes.” [New York Times, 4/4/00]