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2016 Democrats on TPP

Martin O’Malley Opposed The Trans-Pacific Partnership. “As for where he differs on the issues, he opposes the planned Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, which Clinton supported as secretary of State, and is no fan of NAFTA, a signature achievement of President Bill Clinton. ‘I'm not for the sort of trade deals that hollow out our standards while they hollow out our middle class and middle class wages,’ he says.” [USA Today, 4/2/15] Senators Kerry And Webb Press Release: “We Support The Effort To Negotiate The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Trade Agreement… TPP Can Be A Model, 21st Century Trade Agreement.” “We support the effort to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement underway in San Francisco. Robust economic engagement in the Asia-Pacific is critical to President Obama's goal of doubling exports in five years, retaining and creating good-paying American jobs, and demonstrating our long-term commitment to peace and prosperity in the region. TPP is the first trade agreement exclusively negotiated by this Administration. With the Administration's commitment to strong and transparent labor, environmental, and intellectual property provisions, TPP can be a model, 21st century trade agreement.” [Senators Kerry and Webb Joint Press Release, 6/14/10] Senator Webb: “I Was A Bit Skeptical Of TPP At The Beginning, But With The Countries Now Coming On Board, I Am More In Favor.” “TBL: How does the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade initiative fit in this picture? WEBB: TPP is an emerging concept; ratifying itself as it goes along. But the notion of countries coming together with us in this kind of format does affirm that we should have a very strong presence in the region. We have seen free trade agreements that China has negotiated with ASEAN and other countries that could potentially give China tariff benefits. I was a bit skeptical of TPP at the beginning, but with the countries now coming on board, I am more in favor.” [Dispatch Japan, 2/6/12] Vice President Biden: “The TPP Has Potential To Set New Standards For Collective Commitments To Fair Competition—On State-Owned Enterprises, Fair Competition On Investments, Labor, The Environment, Open Markets For Automobiles And Other Industries.” “The TPP has potential to set new standards for collective commitments to fair competition -- on state-owned enterprises, fair competition on investments, labor, the environment, open markets for automobiles and other industries. And we firmly believe this will create a strong incentive for other nations to raise their standards, as well, so that they can join. We’ve already had discussions with some of those very nations both in the Americas as well as in the Pacific. But not only is this ambitious, this TPP effort of ours, we believe it is also doable. And we’re working hard to get this done this year.” [Remarks, 7/19/13]