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internet. But the other question I would have is, there is a period of time when she was traveling to Libya that we are concerned about her e-mails, and those aren't out there. So, did she delete those? I mean, really the problem is is when someone shows themselves not necessarily to be trustworthy with doing the right thing. She was supposed to put the e-mails on a government server, on a secure server, and she didn't. And now she says, well, I didn't do the right thing then, but trust me now, the ones I deleted weren't pertinent. And now trust me even though there aren't e-mails that exist concerning this trip to Libya, trust me that I am doing the right thing. I don't know, my sense of trust is a little bit lost, I must say.” [Today Show, NBC, 3/11/15] RAND PAUL SAID THAT HILLARY CLINTON FLOUTED THE LAW AND ACTED LIKE SHE WAS ABOVE IT BY USING A PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER Rand Paul Asked If Hillary Clinton Was “Above The Rules” By Not Having To Use A Government Email Server. “‘The whole email thing,’ he continued, in reference to Clinton’s contentious use of a private email server while secretary of state, ‘is she sort of above the rules? She doesn’t have to use a government server? ‘My server was protected by the secret service’ – does she think there’s, like, floppy disks in her basement? I think there’s a lot more going on; there’s more coming.’” [The Guardian, 4/18/15] Rand Paul Said That Hillary Clinton Using A Personal Email While At The State Department Was “Directly Flouting The Law.” BRIAN KILMEADE: “But one of the stories for the last two days headlining is that Senator Hillary -- excuse me -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's lack of using the State Department e-mail, using a personal e-mail for four years. And when people request to get it, she has not been handing it over, because she wasn't using it. Is this a big deal to you?” RAND PAUL: “Yeah. And not only is it the e-mails and directly the flouting the law, I think there's going to be a constitutional question of whether or not she was receiving foreign gifts while in office. The Constitution explicitly says that as a senator or as a Secretary of State, you're not allowed to receive gifts from foreign countries. They've been receiving millions of dollars in their foundation. Now if they're going to say, that's not us, me directly, but do they profit in any way from their foundation, does it pay for their travel, does it pay for any of their expenses? She's got a lot of questions she's going to have answer.” [Fox & Friends, Fox News, 3/4/15] RAND PAUL SUGGESTED HILLARY CLINTON DESTROYED EVIDENCE BY DESTROYING HER SERVER Rand Paul Said That Hillary Clinton’s Server Being Destroyed “Sounds Like Destroying Evidence To Me” And That The Clintons Acted Like They Were Above The Law. SEAN HANNITY: “All right. What do you think about her server being destroyed?” RAND PAUL: “Sounds like destroying evidence to me.” HANNITY: “What do you think about -- do you think the Records Act was broken, because that was two years after the fact that she finally handed over some of the emails? Do you think laws were broken?” PAUL: “I think it shows that the Clintons believe that they're above the law, that for the rest of us, the common people, we have to obey the law, but the Clintons, they get to do whatever they want.” [Hannity, Fox News, 4/7/15] Rand Paul Said That Hillary Clinton Sent Emails In A “Secret Fashion” From A Private Account To “Keep Them Secret From the American Public” And He Did Not Think The Public Should Tolerate It. On Hillary Clinton’s private emails: RAND PAUL: “Well, here's -- here's the problem. She has now admitted she didn't go by the State Department rules or the Executive Branch rules. We also have Trey Gowdy's commission saying that during a period of time, they're interested, her trips to Libya, she's on her phone, appearing to either text or e-mail, and there are no e-mails in that period of time. Can we trust Hillary Clinton to produce all of her e-mail when we couldn't trust her to obey the law that she had to use a State Department e-mail? The only way we get to the truth is by an independent investigation, and I do believe that public opinion can provoke that. So, I'm not giving up on this. The president would have to appoint an investigator or would have to come from Trey Gowdy's commission. But they're stonewalling us time after time. They'd do anything to not reveal these e-mails. She was doing it in a secret fashion to keep them secret from the American public. I don't think the American public should tolerate it.” [Kelly File, Fox News, 3/10/15]

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