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Rand Paul Said That Hillary Clinton Said Her Private Email Server Was Secure Because They Had People Guarding It, But Did She “Think People Are Hacking By Climbing In Through Your Basement Window To Hack Your Hard Drive?” RAND PAUL: “Yeah, well I mean, thing is she says it was secure because we had people guarding the server. It’s like, what does she think, there’s floppy disks down there or something? I mean, that’s crazy. You think people are hacking by climbing in through your basement window to hack your hard drive?” [SXSW, Austin TX, 3/15/15] RAND PAUL SUGGESTED HILLARY CLINTON ENDANGERED STATE DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES AND NATIONAL SECURITY BY USING A PRIVATE EMAIL Rand Paul Said He Was Concerned About Russian Hackers Breaking Into Our Systems And Thought It Was Why We Required Our Officials To Use Government Servers, And That Hillary Clinton May Have Opened Herself Up To Espionage By Using A Private Server. WOLF BLITZER: “Our own justice reporter, Evan Perez, yesterday right here in THE SITUATION ROOM, he broke the news that the Russian government used hackers the break into the State Department and the White House computer system, had access to details about the president's schedule, his meetings, his movements. You are on the Foreign Relations Committee. How vulnerable is the United States that this could happen again?” RAND PAUL: “Well, it concerns me a great deal. And I think we have to protect ourselves. That's one of the reasons why I think we require that our high officials use government servers. And this is one of the concerns about Hillary Clinton in using a private server that she may have opened herself up to espionage and we will maybe never know the truth because she erased the files. But this is of a great deal of concern to me.” [Situation Room, CNN, 4/8/15] RAND PAUL THOUGHT HILLARY CLINTON SENT CLASSIFIED INFORMATION THROUGH HER PRIVATE SERVER BECAUSE HER SCHEDULE OR ANY CONVERSATIONS WITH THE PRESIDENT WERE ALL CLASSIFIED Rand Paul Said That Hillary Clinton’s Schedule As Secretary Of State Was Classified Because We Did Not Want People To Know Where She Was And Attack Her And He Questioned Whether She Ever Got Her Calendar Via Email. RAND PAUL: “See, I think there are two questions. The law has said we want all their emails to archive. I’m not really that huge on the whole archiving thing, you know, whether you can still have privacy with your emails. But the other part of the law’s for national security reasons. So for example, Hillary Clinton’s calendar is classified. Why? Because we don’t want people to know where she’s going, they might attack her. President’s schedule is classified – they release only the things where they’re going to have adequate security, where they’re going to let you know where the president is. So is she going to tell us she never got her calendar over email? Now she says they had –” [SXSW, Austin TX, 3/15/15] Rand Paul Said That If Hillary Clinton Was Communicating With The President, It Should Have Got Through A Secure Server. EVAN SMITH: “So your concern is that it’s not adequately secure. You’re not concerned that she used a private email address per se?” RAND PAUL: “Not so much. But I am concerned about – she said she didn’t want to carry two phones. I wish someone could explain to her you can put two email icons on your phone. I mean, the thing is that she said she didn’t want two phones for convenience sake. Well you know, convenience shouldn’t trump national security. If she’s communicating with the president, it ought to go through a secure server and that doesn’t mean guards guarding the floppy disk.” [SXSW, Austin TX, 3/15/15] Rand Paul Said That General Petraeus Pled Guilty To Having Secure Information Unsecured And That Somebody Should Ask Hillary Clinton The Same, If Anything On Her Personal Email Should Have Been On A Secure Server. “’There is the question of whether or not if she [Hillary Clinton] has those emails on a personal email and they’re talking about secure subjects, whether that’s actually compromised,’ Paul said. ‘And that’s what he pled guilty to, what Petraeus pled guilty to, having secure information unsecured.’ ‘So I think somebody ought to ask the question, whether or not she has anything on the email that should have been on a secure server,’ Paul said.” [Buzzfeed, 3/6/15]

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