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Content thumbnail 5/5/15 Friends and Allies Talking Points: Immigration
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 Hillary Clinton stands with DREAMers and has consistently supported the Dream Act. · In 2003, 2005 and 2007, Hillary Clinton cosponsored the Dream Act in the Senate. · As Senator, Hillary said, “The DREAM Act ensures that the promise of the American Dream becomes a reality for all of our children,” and more recently emphasized her belief that DREAMers “have imbued the American dream in their genes.” · Hillary understands that, for DREAMers, “America is the only home they know,” and recently said that, on this issue, “at stake are stronger families, communities and economy. Parents & Dreamers shouldn’t live in fear.”  Hillary Clinton has shown longstanding, steadfast commitment to America’s immigrants throughout her career. · In 1972, Hillary helped register Latino voters in south Texas and the Rio Grande Valley while working on George McGovern’s presidential campaign. · Hillary received a grant for a summer during law school to work with Marian Wright Edelman and researched the deplorable conditions of migrant farmworkers, and the education and health of their children. She carried on this advocacy years later in the Senate, sponsoring a bill to increase access to healthcare for legal immigrant children and pregnant women. · Hillary’s commitment to America’s immigrants was evident as Secretary of State, where she called immigration a “source of our vitality and innovative spirit” and called for us to “work together to address these challenges” so that immigration could “continue to be an enormous advantage for the United States, one that bears directly and crucially on our economic and geopolitical prospects.”

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