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Content thumbnail Attacks on Clinton 6/19/15 Summary
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Attacks on Clinton 6/19/15 Summary

 Chris Christie implied both the Russia ‘reset’ and ‘pivot’ to Asia under Secretary Clinton were unsuccessful.  Mike Huckabee sent a fundraising email saying that disastrous foreign policy under Secretary Clinton led to the rise of ISIS.  Jeb Bush mocked Secretary Clinton’s ‘reset’ button and said it allowed Putin to march into Ukraine. He also said Clinton and Obama left a “legacy of violence unopposed, alliances unraveling, friends undefended, crises untamed.”  Carly Fiorina mocked the ‘reset’ button as gimmicky.  Jeb Bush said Obama and Clinton practiced “phone-it-in foreign policy.”  Lindsey Graham said that if Secretary Clinton though we were well-positioned as a nation, she was disqualified to be commander-in-chief.  Rand Paul said that “Hillary’s War” in Libya made the U.S. less safe and that the Benghazi attack should preclude her from being president.  Scott Walker said Clinton had no accomplishments as Secretary of State and that the world was “more screwed up today” than before her tenure.  Jeb Bush called Clinton a “failure” as Secretary of State.  Jeb Bush said Then-Senator Clinton only had her name on 3 laws in 8 years, and had few accomplishments.  Marco Rubio said Secretary Clinton had a play to get the U.S. moving “in reverse.”  Marco Rubio emailed his supporters about Secretary Clinton quoting the song “Yesterday.”  Rand Paul cited Bush-Clinton fatigue and said people were looking for something new, something “this century,” and that Secretary Clinton would take us back to failed policies of the past.  Jeb Bush said Clinton was part of a “no-suspense primary for a no-change election.”  Rick Perry released a web ad critical of Secretary Clinton over Benghazi, private email use, the Clinton Foundation, and mocking her laugh.  Scott Walker hit Clintons for having a “different set of rules.”  Donald Trump said he did not think Secretary Clinton was trustworthy and that a Republican would face jail time for deleting private emails.  Carly Fiorina said Clinton was untrustworthy and that there are unanswered questions about Clinton and her private email use.  Jeb Bush criticized Secretary Clinton for excluding a pool reporter from press coverage.  Donald Trump hit Clintons for Foundation donors, saying it undermined her trustworthiness, that it opened the Clintons up to conflicts of interest and illegality, and that Secretary Clinton hasn’t done anything to help people.  Rand Paul said it was hard for Secretary Clinton to champion women’s rights while taking money from Saudi Arabia and Brunei.  Rand Paul implied the sale of a uranium company to Rosatom under Secretary Clinton raised trust issues and should disqualify her and criticized payments to Bill Clinton by Sweden while it lobbied for an Iran sanctions exemption from Secretary Clinton’s State Department.  Donald Trump implied that Clinton’s speaking fees made her untrustworthy or dishonest.  Scott Walker said it was hypocritical for Clinton to collect large speaking fees while railing against student debt.  Donald Trump said he “laughs” when Clinton talks about income inequality.  Donald Trump said Clinton had “gone very far to the left” and would be an Obama third term, which Rand Paul said as well.  Jeb Bush said the presidency shouldn’t be passed from “one liberal to the next.”  Jeb Bush and Rand Paul implied that Secretary Clinton’s nomination as the Democratic candidate was inevitable.  Scott Walker and Rand Paul criticized Clinton for her private email use, while Chris Christie said her deleting private emails was much worse than him deleting text messages surrounding the Bridgegate controversy.  Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush said Benghazi would continue to be an issue without directly criticizing Clinton over specific aspects of it.

 Rand Paul hit the State Department for lack of preparedness and resources for Benghazi, as well as Secretary Clinton’s role.  Chris Christie said he was more transparent around Bridgegate than Secretary Clinton was on Benghazi.  Carly Fiorina said she was “getting to” Secretary Clinton and there was evidence in the fact that the Clinton campaign would push back on things they shouldn’t.  Rand Paul said he was leading Secretary Clinton in polls.  Bobby Jindal and Jeb Bush hit Secretary Clinton for implying that people had to change their religious views when it came to issues like abortion and same-sex marriage.  Jeb Bush and Rand Paul criticized Secretary Clinton for thinking that big government was always the answer to problems.  Rand Paul said Secretary Clinton could not run on women’s rights because she accepted money from Saudi Arabia, where a woman was raped and then whipped by the government for it, and said the money should be returned.  Jeb Bush hit Secretary Clinton for saying she would not engage in hypotheticals over a King v Burwell ruling.  Rand Paul questioned how Secretary Clinton would help the working class.  Jeb Bush criticized Clinton and Obama for a military drawdown.  Jeb Bush criticized Clinton and Obama for a slow economic recovery, debt increases, a massive tax increase on the middle class, and the buildup of the regulatory state.  Scott Walker criticized opposition to voter ID and called a plan to overrule them “unlawful.”  Carly Fiorina said that Secretary Clinton’s energy policies would raise energy bills for the middle class.  Mike Huckabee said Secretary Clinton’s panels were made up of a “rent-a-crowd.”  Bobby Jindal hit Secretary Clinton for supporting same-sex marriage.  Donald Trump lashed out at Secretary Clinton for “blaming” him for the shooting in Charleston.  Ben Carson said he disagreed with the tone Clinton and Obama took on the Charleston shooting.  Chris Christie said that the NEA and AFT would be the largest donors to Secretary Clinton and get in return “union control of the education system.”