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HRC has doubled down on Obama policies Sen. Lindsey Graham, DMR editorial board 7/1/15 Video: here [1:15:15] What are HRC’s biggest weaknesses -Third term of Obama. She represents a failed presidency -Never did anything big and bold -She needs to take on Sanders -She needs to show leadership -Easier to get an interview with Middle Eastern leaders than her Religious Liberty Gov. Bobby Jindal, Fox Special Report, 6/29/15 Video here [beginning] Reaction to SCOTUS -HRC said those of us, who are pro-life, need to change our beliefs, my beliefs are between me and god -I'm a Christian and a conservative. We have a bigger issue in terms of where the culture is moving. Unlike Hillary Clinton and president Obama, my beliefs aren't evolving with the polls when it comes to marriage. Gov. Bobby Jindal, NBC Meet the Press 6/28/15 Video: here >> how quickly do you think you'll comply with the law? >> it will be up to the court as soon as they issue their ruling. i suspect a matter of days. chuck, i do suspect -- i know there are efforts in congress to support our tenth amendment rights, spes rights, especially when it comes to our rights. i think it is wrong for the federal government to force christian individuals, businesses, pastors, churches, to participate in wedding ceremonies that violate our sincerely sincerely-held religious beliefs. the left wants to silence us. hillary clinton wants to silence us. we're not going away. >> the issue of religion and faith was used in the '60s during the debate about interracial marriage. none other than former president harry truman, "the new york times" since september 1, 1963. the headline, truman opposes biracial marriage. he said racial intermarriage ran counter to teachings of the bible. so, are you comfortable using religion as a way to defend your position on marriage? >> chuck, look, i think it's offensive to -- of evangelical christians, catholics to follow their church's teachings and millions of other americans who believe marriage between a man and woman was taught in our faiths for centuries. president obama and secretary clinton, it wasn't just a republican position. so, i think it's offensive to try to equate the two. Gov. Bobby Jindal, The Hill, 6/26/15 “He also argued that protecting same-sex marriage would open the door to discrimination against people of faith who oppose its practice. ‘Hillary Clinton and the Left will now mount an all-out assault on religious freedom guaranteed in the first amendment,’ Jindal said of the Democratic 2016 front-runner. ‘Regardless of your views on marriage, all freedom- loving people must pledge to respect our first amendment rights,’ he added. Clinton praised the Supreme Court's landmark decision on Twitter Friday morning.” Foreign Policy Sen. Lindsey Graham, DMR editorial board 7/1/15

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