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WEST DES MOINES, IA – Governor Bobby Jindal said Secretary Hillary Clinton has “created a major breach of national security” by hiding her e-mails on a personal server and that the United States may be the only superpower in the world who hasn’t seen the Secretary’s e-mails. Governor Jindal said, “Today the State Department plans to release more of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails from her private server. Every time this happens, it gets treated as breaking news. But there are two very important things in this continuing drama that are routinely overlooked. “First, the American public is only getting the emails that Hillary Clinton herself is allowing us to see. She has already edited the e-mails, and has already destroyed the ones she did not want us to see, which makes the whole thing a meaningless charade. “Secondly, and far more importantly, by choosing to use her own server in her own house she created a major breach of national security. Everyone seems to focus on the dishonesty, the lack of transparency, and the fact that she destroyed all these records. But those are standard practices for the Clintons. “The real issue is that while the American people will never see these emails, it is likely that the Russians and the Chinese already have all of them. This is the real consequence of having a Secretary of State who unlawfully chose to conduct America’s foreign policy business on her own private email system. “If the Congressional leaders really want to see all of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, they would have a better chance of getting them from the hackers working for foreign governments. We are likely the only superpower in the world that will never see Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.” Gov. Bobby Jindal, Twitter 6/30/15

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