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Attacks on Clinton 7/2/15 Summary

 Lindsey Graham said Secretary Clinton would be an Obama third term, with Carly Fiorina saying she has already doubled down on Obama’s “failed” policies.  Bobby Jindal accused Secretary Clinton of saying pro-life people had to change their beliefs, and accused her of trying to “silence” religious individuals and of mounting an “all-out assault on religious freedom.”  Lindsey Graham said Secretary Clinton’s “fingerprints [were] all over” Obama’s foreign policy, and asked what her position on Cuba was.  Chris Christie warned against turning the presidency over to Secretary Clinton because she was Obama’s “second mate.”  Carly Fiorina said Clinton has no track record of accomplishment and Scott Walker implied she had not accomplished anything.  Chris Christie criticized Clinton’s Russia ‘reset’ button.  Carly Fiorina hit Secretary Clinton over Benghazi extensively and said the GOP nominee would need to go after Clinton on Benghazi.  Bobby Jindal said with Secretary Clinton in charge, the U.S. economy would go the way of Greece, as Clinton wants us to go “further down the road of socialism.”  Mike Huckabee said Clinton’s evolution on same-sex marriage was an example of following instead of leading.  Bobby Jindal criticized Clinton of “evolving with the polls” on marriage.  Carly Fiorina said Secretary Clinton lacked transparency.  Lindsey Graham said it was easier to get an interview with a Middle Eastern leader than with Secretary Clinton.  Jeb Bush accused Clinton of hiding in an invitation-only “cocoon” instead of interacting with a wide audience.  Bobby Jindal hit Clinton over her private server and said Russia and China could have accessed her emails, as did Scott Walker.  Ted Cruz said Clinton’s private email server was a security risk and that DOJ should investigate her.  Bobby Jindal accused Clinton of hiding and destroying the private emails she didn’t want the public to see, and accused her of dishonesty and breaching national security.  Ted Cruz hit Clinton over Clinton Foundation foreign donors and speaking fees received by Bill Clinton.  Scott Walker called foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation while Secretary Clinton served at State a “conflict of interest.”  Jeb Bush mocked high speaking fees for the Clintons and joked that he earned less for an appearance than Chelsea Clinton.  Rand Paul accused the Clintons of proudly presiding over mass incarceration instead of alleviating poverty and reducing crime.  Scott Walker implied that Secretary Clinton was “name from the past.”  Scott Walker called Secretary Clinton “out of touch.”  Scott Walker implied that Secretary Clinton was divisive.  Carly Fiorina said that Clinton lacked a “track record of leadership.”  Scott Walker said that Secretary Clinton “embodies Washington.”  Rand Paul claimed he was best positioned to beat Secretary Clinton.  Rand Paul hit Secretary Clinton for being “bad on privacy” and supporting NSA’s bulk collection program.  Lindsey Graham said Secretary Clinton would embrace the Affordable Care Act as a third Obama term.  Lindsey Graham criticized Secretary Clinton over the hypothetical Supreme Court nominations she would make as president.  Carly Fiorina mocked Secretary Clinton for wanting to “run on being a grandmother and coloring her hair.”  Chris Christie said Secretary Clinton “shouldn’t be president” and said Bill Clinton was “charming” and “an okay president.”