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Content thumbnail Blumenthal and Libya Emails Testimony
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has declined requests from reporters to describe his precise role there. But he did advise David Grange, a former Army general, who was seeking to provide humanitarian services, transitional housing and police training to the new Libyan government. Months after Mr. Grange’s deals fell apart, Mr. Drumheller appears to have continued looking for a foothold in Libya. A message on Mr. Drumheller’s letterhead, dated February 2013 and stolen from Mr. Blumenthal’s email account by a Romanian hacker, indicates that he offered to advise the new government on relationships with American business leaders and the United States government.” [New York Times, 6/17/15] New York Times: “Officials For Mrs. Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Have Said That She Did Not Solicit The Emails. But Mr. Gowdy Said That She Had Told Mr. Blumenthal In The Emails To Continue Sending Them.” [New York Times, 6/17/15]

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