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Matt Politicano
Content thumbnail Check in Memo 2/20/15

Check in Memo 2/20/15

Projects: Bush 41 and 43 economic legacy 2008 hits on HRC 2016er hits on HRC and push back HRC missed senate votes and committee hearings Clinton foundation investments Clinton foundation transparency details and timeline I have several short and medium term projects that I have been / am beginning to work on. Two involve the Clinton Foundation:  I am almost done bulleting out public information on their investments, so I can have that done by COB Monday, Feb 23.  The larger timeline of what financial information the Foundation has disclosed and when, I can finish by COB Wednesday, Feb 25. Countering Republican attacks on Clinton’s record:  Hillary’s missed votes—we should talk about how much detail we want to get into here. I have some statistics / articles that show she missed fewer votes than several Democratic and Republican rivals. It would be helpful if Dillon/Smith/Shawn could look over what I have now and then I can figure out how much more to do from there.  I can have the 2016er hits on HRC summarized and organized by idea by COB Friday, Feb 27. Determining the best pushback will take longer, and it would probably help to talk the doc over with Dillon/Smith/Shawn before that point.  2008 hits on HRC—I’ve bulleted out a few pages worth of attacks, but I’m having trouble figuring out a systematic way to go about this. There’s a lot out there that I’ll need to look at if I’m going to do this in any comprehensive way, so I’d say that would take until at least Friday, March 6. Jeb foreign policy:  I can put together some bullets on Bush 41 and 43 non-Iraq foreign policy legacies and where they might overlap with Jeb’s ideas by COB Thursday, Feb 26. It would definitely help to get feedback at that point and see where best to go from there.