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During tenure of my work for Sure Safety andVEXMATechnologies Pvt. Ltd. : Identifying the need ! -I took an active part in various discussions As the world saw the onset of rising coronavirus cases, the need for medical and during the product development process. personal protective equipment saw a sharp rise in demand. PAPR was the need for the hour for first responders and medical staff. Many medical equipment supply chains -I have explored, researched, and understood experienced disruption causing the medical industry to depend on local or national the design language complimenting the usage and the market. sources. PAPR was one such product that was not included in the portfolio of most Indian companies in the field. -Understood the components and working of a PAPR and made design decisions considering both the engineering and aesthetical aspects. -I designed and digitally prototyped an enclosure using CAD tools. Whatis the purpose of PAPR ? 6 July 2020 A Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) is a device used by medical personal, 8 July 2020 firefighters, and other first responders. It takes ambient air contaminated with one or more types of pollutants or pathogens, actively removes (filters) a sufficient proportion Initial discussion and understanding client 14 July 2020 of these hazards, and then delivers the clean air to the user's face or mouth and nose. needs. They have a higher assigned protection factor than filtering respirators such as N95 Market research and understanding the working of the product and its masks. user. 20 August 2020 Commissionedby: Commissionedto: Brainstorming and working on the inner components. 2 September 2020 Conceptual sketching and 2D rendering. -Established in 2015 15 September 2020 -Services offered include: Product CAD modelling and development and research, Mechanical digital prototyping. and electronics engineering solutions and -Established in 2004. Manufacturing 4.0 3 October 2020 -Sure Safety is now serving its valuable -Industries catered: Aerospace, Medical, Physical prototyping customers through its 2200+ range of and testing Electronic, Heavy Engineering, head - to - toe protection products, 20+ Architecture, and Automotive. services, 15+ Safety, Health & Fire training programs. -Clients include Siemens, ISRO, Morris Garages, ABB, Bombardier and many -Delivered India’s first Space Suit to ISRO more. in 2015. Timeline MohakParikh

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