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• Single Stage Turbines notice application in method industries and are designed to supply customers with economical likewise as reliable mechanical drives for fans, compressors, water and oil pumps and generators. • These single stage turbines give operating as economical & reliable machines that notice use for smaller power capacities of typically up to two MW. • In event of co-generation of power, rotary engine successively drives generator (generator). With basic input steam typically equipped by boiler, turbines may be offered trade specific to suit client desires. • These steam turbines are employed in totally different trade sectors like paper, sugar, steel, chemical, nuclear et al. and supported operational styles, these may be equipped in sort of back pressure turbines, compressing turbines and single / time period turbines. • Further, our experience lies in activity time period turbines up to ten MW power capability and single stage turbines up to two MW power capability. Some of the Typical applications of single stage turbines include: 1. Water pumps 2. Process pumps 3. BFW pumps 4. Oil pumps 5. Fans

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