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New Holland 3600 Tx Tractor Top Features and Performance - TractorGyan

The tractor from New Holland, the 3600 Heritage Edition, is loaded with advanced features. Additionally, it may increase the efficiency and simplicity of farm operations. One of the best models for farming and small-scale business applications is the tractor. The 3600 Heritage Edition tractor can therefore carry out fieldwork for farmers effectively. The 2700 CC engine in this tractor has a rated speed of 2250 RPM and a maximum output of 47 HP. For maximum effectiveness, the engine is water-cooled. The top forward speed of this transmission, which has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, is 33.24 kilometers per hour. In addition to other tasks, it can be used for planting, harvesting, and plowing. Additionally, it can be used with a wide range of tools, including loaders, dozers, and backhoes. New Holland 3600 Tx tractor's low maintenance design, the overall cost of ownership is lower. Its straightforward design makes maintenance and repairs simple. In general, the New Holland 3600 Tx tractor is a strong and dependable machine made specifically to meet the requirements of Indian farmers. It has cutting-edge features and technology that guarantee high performance and effectiveness.