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There's an art to giving a good presentation. If you're selling a brief to a client then you need to be confident and charismatic, and you need to know your pitch inside-out. You might greet the potential client with a briefcase full of facts and figures and a memorised spiel ready to rattle off at a moment's notice, but if you really want to impress your audience then these elements alone aren't enough. How important are presentation visuals to a successful pitch? We'd argue that they're vital. Take a look at just some of the reasons why a strong visual aesthetic can help you to give a far more persuasive pitch.

To engage the audience

Everyone has a limit to their attention span. There's only so long one can listen to someone boasting about performance statistics or extolling the virtues of their brand's approach. The last thing you need when giving a presentation is for your audience to become bored. Even if you're offering a tangibly excellent service, when the audience becomes disengaged the chances of your pitch being chosen are drastically diminished. Strong visuals incorporating 3D video, images and branding will help to keep the audience engaged for longer, giving you the time you need to give them the big sell.

To communicate your idea

In a good corporate presentation, visuals play an illustrative role. It's all well and good saying what makes your approach so great, but showing the audience some illustrative materials to support your argument will make your points a whole lot more persuasive. Visuals can be used to reinforce your arguments, and we aren't just talking about graphs and percentage points here. Keep your visuals fresh and exciting, so that when the decision-makers come to think back on your presentation, they come to associate the points you've made with a compelling image. It will help your points to stick in their minds for longer.

To save time and effort

Not only do visuals help to make your words more powerful, but they also mean that you can use fewer of them. 'Show, don't tell' is a maxim that should always be remembered when planning pitches and presentations. If you can communicate a fact, point or statistic through imagery, animation or video then do so - it will save you having to say it yourself. Effective use of visuals will help to streamline your presentation and make the whole process briefer, while simultaneously limiting the amount of script you're forced to remember. Brief is better when it comes to presentations, and strong visuals can help to keep yours short and sweet.

To keep them invested and excited

More than anything else, however, visuals can be compelling and exciting. Your presentation is an opportunity to wow your audience, and you're unlikely to do that by droning on about statistics for 15 minutes. To make a really arresting pitch you need to do something memorable, and here at Buffalo 7 we're just the people to help you do so. We use the latest presentation technologies to create jaw-dropping visuals, guaranteed to help keep your audience's attention until the end. If you'd like to find out more about how our creative team can help you deliver a winning pitch, contact us at Buffalo 7 today.

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