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Picture yourself engulfed in the digital at some point during the day. Scroll, stop, scroll, stop. We take in so much information so quickly, but how often does something capture your attention? As communicators, we're in a constant battle to cut through the blue light infused thumb scroll marathon of today; getting above the noise to get a message through to the other side.

If you think a little deeper, you'll realize that in those moments what makes you stop, think, and engage is oftentimes some kind of content that provides a more visceral experience. This isn't always the perfectly pristine, but rather the nitty-gritty and beautifully flawed, majestic images that you can somehow smell in the air and feel on your skin. Things like this invite us in for a full sensory experience.

There's no denying information overload, so the point is to cut through the excess and inspire. When you're soliciting support for your organization, you've got to inspire your audience. Sometimes we avoid using imagery that may conjure feelings of discomfort, however, disrupting the norm with something that overwhelms the senses can trigger an emotional response. When you invite someone into your reality, they'll feel more ready to take action by engaging.

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