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Continuing our efforts f rom 2021, we collaborated with policymakers and experts seeking to address the secular question of gender diversity. In this context, we had the pleasure of having an inspiring discussion with Marie-Pierre Rixain, Member of the French Parliament to whom we owe the law on gender professional and economic equity. We also met experts in the finance sector to better inform our engagements with respect to the glass ceiling. We also asked them for three critical questions that we should ask engaged companies to make sure that we adequately cover the issue. Conscious of the importance of data availability and quality, we are engaging with stakeholders that can help us get more comparable and granular data. As such, we will be better equipped to monitor absolute and relative progress at investee companies and to hold companies accountable on their commitments. Among these stakeholders is the MEDEF that generously shared their data collection efforts as gender diversity continued to be one of their priority topics. Key observations are aligned with learnings f rom our engagements and show where we need to continue putting emphasis: • The majority of the SBF120 have gender diversity targets with five new companies committing to support female leaders in 2021 • Significant ambiguity on the scope of targets persists • Degree of variability in timelines to reach targets but a growing ambition to go f rom female representation to gender parity With the above observations, the 30% Club France Investor Group has a solid foundation to lead into year three of the group. We hope that companies will consider these insights for their reporting. As a result, our roadmap for 2023 is set and articulated around: Annual Report 2022 9 30% Club France Investor Group Moving the needle further and continuing to engage with SBF120 constituents Collaborating with Mercer on their Global Talent Trends survey including gender diversity practices to get more consistent and actionable data Advocating for the creation of the CEO & Chair pillar to have a complete 30% Club Chapter in France. France is the latest country where an investor group has been established but still needs the CEO & Chair pillar that will be instrumental in driving awareness on gender diversity and effectiveness in policies and practices. We invite any CEO or Chair who wants to act and drive gender equality to reach out to us. Roadmap for 2023

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