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2022 Annual Report 25 30% Club France Investor Group In 2023, the 30% Club France Investor Group aims to continue its dialogue on gender diversity with SBF120 constituents and promote activities that will contribute to the 5th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations. With the onboarding of more investors, we will have more capacity to engage with investee companies. In the second half of 2023, we will begin inviting CEOs and Chairs to participate in the Global Talent Trends survey on talents including gender diversity of Mercer to get more consistent and actionable data. What gets measured gets managed. We will advocate for the creation of the CEO & Chair pillar in order to have a complete 30% Club Chapter in France. France has been the latest country where an investor group has been established but still needs the CEO & Chair pillar that will be instrumental in driving awareness on gender diversity and effectiveness in policies and practices. We invite any CEO or Chair who wants to act and drive gender equality to reach out to us. We will also continue to meet with experts on gender diversity to enhance our approach and be in better position to formulate recommendations to investee companies. Future Plans The 2023 roadmap for the 30% Club France Investor Group in three ways: 1 Moving the needle further 2 Partnership with Mercer on their Global Talent Trends survey including gender diversity practices 3 Promoting a full 30% Chapter in France

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