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233 TIPS Graphics and Visu De al sign 233 TIPS ON GRAPHICS AND VISUAL DESIGN Seven Tips on Incorporating Design Trends into Your Work Most courses end with a list of links to resources. Persuade the learner to click on the resources by creating a pop-over called “Recommendations for You.” Format the resource links as thumbnails, and you will then have a “customized and personalized” list of recommendations similar to Netflix’s or Amazon’s personalized viewing or shopping experience. To take it one step further, you can tie the recommendations to certain quiz questions that are answered incorrectly or overall quiz scores that need improvement in certain areas, thereby turning your course into an adaptive learning experience. Karen Wondergem, West Coast University By all means, find free or inexpensive templates for your rapid eLearning software. But don’t just drop them into your work! Not one of them was built with your office’s look and feel or instructional needs in mind, and using them “as is” does the opposite of what you intended, i.e., not to look amateurish. Instead, download the template and dissect it for the variables, triggers, etc., that give it the effect that caught your eye. Then apply those elements to your existing work or, at the very least, use your company’s color scheme and fonts. Jay Shuck, Ecolab It’s very easy in Photoshop to make a 2D logo into a 3D logo by extruding it. This tool is found under 3D > New 3D Extrusion for Selected Layer. Phil Cowcill, Canada Department of National Defence Read Ruth Clark’s Building Expertise. It is all there. There’s no single tip that will work globally; it depends on what you are trying to teach, the expertise level of your audience, etc. So my best tip is: Read this book three times, take notes, mark the information down, and apply it. Susan Skinner, e-velopment 50

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