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5.1 | A Complete Guide on Analytics

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Let's understand how to view analytics. RELAYTO analytics provide detailed insights into user engagement and behavior, allowing for data-driven content optimization and strategic decision-making. This enhances content effectiveness, personalization, and overall performance measurement, leading to improved user experience and higher ROI.

Opening Analytics Mode

First, there are two ways you can enter analytics.

Click on the "eye" icon in the top right corner.


Click on the drop-down menu and then select "Analytics".


Explaining Analytics Tabs



The Overview page will display the primary analytics data for your experience.


By Page

You can see the number of views, interactions, average time spent, and total time on each page. You can also filter and download the data.


By Day

You can access daily metrics, such as the number of views and visitors.



It reveals the geographical origins of your document's visitors. You can view it by country, city, or language.



It provides insights into the devices viewers use to access your digital experience, along with the number of visits for each device type.



Gain insights into how visitors discover your digital experience, including the number of visits and visitors from each referral source.



You can find an overview of added users, with the option to click on an individual user to access detailed information about their activity.


Downloading Data

To download the data in .csv format, click the "download" icon.


Filtering Data

Select the period you want to view to filter by date.


Leaving Analytics Mode

To return to your experience, click the "eye" icon on the top right corner to close analytics.


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