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SKILL #2: RELATIONSHIPS When it’s all said and done, business is about relationships—relationships with your managers, peers, direct reports, and, of course, customers. Humor helps you build and maintain those relationships in a positive way. Relationships are defined as a connection, association, or involvement 1 between concepts, objects, or people. But not all relationships are created 2 equal, and rightfully so. You don’t necessarily need a deep connection with a stranger you bump into once at a coffee shop, but you should develop a strong relationship with the recurring characters in your life. Meaningful relationships require both parties (woohoo, partayyy) to be involved, and when they are, they help you achieve your goals (of success, love, and/or happiness). 1 See Definition of Relationships. 2 While the relationship you have with your computer may be important (see #313), we’re going to focus on relationships between people in this section. 59

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