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General partner, Founders Fund

Keith Rabois #79 General partner, Founders Fund Keith Rabois wears many hats: He’s an investor, a startup founder, and even an occasional fitness instructor. He’s also well known as an unofficial ambassador for Miami’s growing startup scene and as a voicer of contrarian — and sometimes controversial — opinions. Many of those traits also come through in his approach to investing, which has yielded a string of hits from YouTube to Udemy, which went public in October, and Ramp, valued at $8.1 billion. Rabois places heavy emphasis on the founding team. “The first thing I do when I open a seed-stage deck is flip to the team slide,” he said. And he previously told Insider that he wasn’t afraid to take bets that at first glance seemed foolish. He said, “I feel like I’m not taking enough risk and therefore won’t earn enough reward if half of my smart friends won’t laugh.” Source: businessInsider