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Trends 2020 Realigning the fundamentals Trends 2020 Realigning the fundamentals Bernard Marr, Forbes, “The amazing Woman using Meitu’s makeup+. Julia LaRoche, Yahoo, “Starbucks Silvia Amaro, CNBC, “Sell-offs Gregg Schoenberg, TechCrunch, Train station employee, Tokyo ways Babylon health is using AIU Credit: Meitu (video) to offer mental health service could be down to machines that “Tally’s Jason Brown on fintech’s Station, Chiyoda-ku, Japan. to make healthcare universally as new employee benefit”, control 80% of the US stock first debt roboadvisor and an Credit: Victoriano Izquierdo/ accessible”, August 6, 2019 Portrait of woman with digital September 5, 2019 market, fund manager says”, automated financial future”, Unsplash typography across face. December 5, 2018 June19, 2019 Salvador Rodriguez, CNBC, Credit: Donny Jiang/Unsplash United Nations, “World Population AlphaStar and StarCraft II “Facebook agrees to acquire Prospects 2019” Ben Evans, Benedict Evans, Gayang Ho, Global Railway Review, gameplay. brain-computing start-up “Machine learning deployment”, “Artificial Intelligence in rail: hype Credit: DeepMind and Blizzard CRTL-labs”, September 23, 2019 European Commission, “2018 October 4, 2019 or reality?”, May 15, 2019 Liquid people Ageing Report: Policy challenges Woman with hologram Intel, “How 5G will transform for ageing societies” Wired, “A health care algorithm Charlotte Jee, MIT Technology data on wrist. the business of media and Everlane, Black Friday Fund, 2019 offered less care to black Review, “DeepMind has Credit: Justin Peralta/Unsplash entertainment”, October 2018 United States Census Bureau, patients”, October 24, 2019 made a prototype product that Beth Desmond, New Statesman, “Older people projected to can diagnose eye diseases”, A.I. chair. Credit: Kartell 5G World Pro, “SK Telecom to open “How gender fluidity went outnumber children for the first Jeffrey Dastin, Reuters, “Amazon April 1, 2019 5G hospital in 2020”, May 6, 2019 mainstream”, June 12, 2019 time in US history”, March 13, 2018 scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women”, Alex Hickey, CIO Dive, “AI sits in Wired, “How 5G will supercharge Eliana Dockterman, Time, “A doll Kerry Hannon, The New York October 10, 2018 on Salesforce’s board meetings Digital doubles business to work in real time”, for everyone: meet Mattel’s new Times, “My work life is over. What’s and has something to say”, August 8, 2019 gender-neutral doll”, September next?”, September 12, 2019 Ron Schmelzer, Forbes, “What January 26, 2018 Brian Buntz, IoTWorldToday, “Of 25, 2019 happens when self-driving cars custom shoes and bottles: digital Sidney Fussell, The Atlantic, Images kill people?”, September 26, 2019 Barry Libert, Megan Beck, and twin technology grows up”, May 1, “YouTube videos are a gold Peter Johnson, The HR Director, Mark Bonchek, MIT Sloan 2018 mine for health researchers”, “Rise of the freelancer – self- Impossible bao. Aja Romano, Vox, “A group of Management Review, “AI in the September 9, 2019 employed spikes as people seek Credit: Impossible Foods YouTubers is trying to prove the boardroom: the next realm of Paul Sawers, VentureBeat, flex”, June 11, 2019 site systematically demonetizes corporate governance”, October “Tencent leads $10 million, “Alipay to add Snowy view from inside queer content”, October 10, 2019 19, 2017 investments in SenSat to create beauty filters to facial recognition Katharine Schwab, Fast Company, train carriage. real-time simulated realities”, kiosks in China”, July 3, 2019 “These plant-based food Credit: Mike Petrucci/Unsplash Louis Columbus, Forbes, “80% Finch 3D, Design tool for October 1, 2019 companies are re-branding to of enterprises are investing in AI architechts Seth Miller,, target meat eaters – and it’s Mattel Creatable World dolls. today”, October 16, 2017 CIO&Leader, “Digital twin revenues “Biometrics expand in Asia, working”, July 25, 2019 Credit: Mattel Sebastian Jordahn, Dezeen, to rise by 2023, boosted by AI Europe and the Middle East”, Governanceai, “Artificial “Philippe Starck, Kartell and and ML innovation”, April 12, 2019 October 9, 2019 Adele Peters, Fast Company, Plastic waste, MAAS, intelligence: American attitudes Autodesk unveil ‘world’s first “Think fake burgers are just for Lisbon, Portugal. and trends”, January, 2019 production chair designed with Grand View Research, “Digital Leon Kelion,, “Gatwick vegetarians? 95% of Impossible Credit: Martijn Baudoin/Unsplash artificial intelligence’”, April 11, twin market size worth $26.07 airports commit to facial Foods customers are meat eater” Mareike Möhlmann and Ola 2019 billion by 2025”, December 2018 recognition tech at boarding”, September 18, 2019 Old woman laughing. Henfridsson, Harvard Business September 17, 2019 Credit: Huyen Nguyen/Unsplash Review, “What people hate about MakerInsights, Product decision Druhti Shah, Kerry Allen, BBC, Robert Booth, The Guardian, being managed by algorithms, engine for retail “Chinese vlogger who used filter Jenni Reid, Business Traveller, “Vegan food becomes UK’s according to a study of Uber to look younger caught in “Facial recognition kiosk gives fastest-growing take-away”, drivers”, August 30, 2019, 2019 live-stream glitch”, July 30, 2019 flight updates at Chinese August 28, 2019 Designing intelligence airports”, March 27, 2019 John Pavlus, Quanta Magazine,, 2019 Ephrat Livni,, “Voice Richard Moller, YouGov, “Is Stitch Fix, Algorithms tour, 2019 “His Artificial Intelligence sees skins will make the internet a Madeleine Hillyer, World Economic inside living cells”, July 24, 2019 Dezeen, flexitarianism the diet of the Rima Sabina Aouf, freer – but more dangerous – Forum, “World Economic Forum future?”, March 26, 2019 Ciara O’Brien, The Irish Times, “Start-up Atolla harnesses AI to place”, May 21, 2019 consortium launches paperless “Revenue turns into a digital bot Connor Upton, Design Voices, make personalised skincare Canada-Netherlands travel pilot”, Douglas Broom, World Economic to answer your tax queries”, “Computers have eyes, but products”, September 3, 2019 Paige Leskin, Business Insider, June 26, 2019 Forum, “Sweden has invented a September 6, 2018 where’s the vision?”, April 16, 2018 “People are loving the new word to encourage people not to Matthew Hutson, Quanta gender-swapping Snapchat filter, Images fly. And it’s working”, June 5, 2019 Mark Samuels, ZDNet, “Successful Devon Delfino, Business Insider, Magazine, “Computers evolve and it’s not being used to catfish IoT deployment: the Rolls-Royce “How to use Google Lens to identify a new path toward human unsuspecting men on Tinder”, People walking on crossing. BBC, “Flight shame could approach”, May 15, 2018 objects and learn more information intelligence”, November 6, 2019 May 15, 2019 Credit: Ryoji Iwata/Unsplash halve growth in air traffic”, using your camera and Google October 2, 2019 Karen Nyawera, HBS Digital Assistant”, September 10, 2019 Daniel Shapiro, Forbes, Mackevision, “Automobil Industrie Amazon Echo Loop. Initiative, “Fashion forward – using “Can artificial intelligence – Partners of Digitization: Credit:, Inc. Miya Tokumitsu, Jacobin deep learning at ASOS to predict Pluralsight, Iris generate corporate strategy?”, Mackevision on Digital Twins”, Magazine, “In the name of love”, customer lifetime value in online August 19, 2019 April 11, 2019 Customer uses facial recognition December 1, 2014 fashion retail”, January 12, 2019 Miranda Bryant, The Guardian, as identification at security “Instagram’s anti-bullying AI asks Images, 2019 checkpoint. Credit: John Paul Van Derek Thompson, The Atlantic, users: ‘Are you sure you want to Wert/Delta News Hub “Workism is making Americans post this?’”, July 9, 2019 Skin Health System kit. miserable”, February 24, 2019 Credit: Atolla 105 106

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