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Adobe brand assets in UI Overview The assets in this section are for use The guidelines in this section are a reference solely for developers Your use of these branding assets is governed by the License ONLY in your app UI. of standalone apps (mobile, web, or desktop) that integrate Creative Agreements and Usage Guidelines referred to on page 3 of these Cloud service and/or storage APIs into those applications. It is not Guidelines and these Branding Guidelines, and if any use violates for developers of plugins or extensions to Adobe Creative Cloud the Terms and Guidelines, we may request that you modify or You may not use these assets on desktop apps. cease usage of the assets. Please be sure to follow the guidance on your website or in your marketing It documents proper, limited use in your application of the specific page 5 when naming your app and/or creating an icon for your app. materials. Adobe trademarks displayed in this section. Carefully review these We recommend that these assets look at home in your app, so guidelines when integrating Creative Cloud service or storage APIs you may customize them as outlined on the following pages to in your application. best match the style of your app. Please do not stretch, redraw, or You may not use these brand assets on your website or in any otherwise alter the shape of the assets, letterforms within the icons, marketing materials for your application. or use a different typeface to replace the letters for the icons. All use of the Adobe brand assets outlined in this section for use in UI must be reviewed by submitting your plugin, extension, or integration for "marketplace" approval as outlined on page 29. Any changes to your use of these assets should be resubmitted. 18 Adobe Confidential | 03 May 2023

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