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Parting with Another important part of agile marketing is Perfection the ‘Good Enough’ prin- ciple. In agile marketing, perfect is the enemy of good. Because timing is everything is today’s fast-paced market. Some marketers will have difficulty with this. They will want to get everything right before getting their website or e-book out there. Those who wait for 100% perfection may spend so much time getting there that they risk losing the valuable window of opportunity. They also fail to realize that total control is an illusion in an environment that Boring moves like greased lightning, anyhow. Now, please do not misunderstand our position. It is is the right commendable to be striving for perfection. We all need that mindset if we want to achieve great things. You should thought at the always aim for excellence, settle for good and don’t sweat the mistakes when they happen. 17 wrong time. Jack Gardner author

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