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to scale them down – again a reality check. We could not afford to require that our departments or functions–creative or the .com team for instance–had to participate The engagement in 5 or more standup meetings every day. So we try to organize the standups in a more efficient manner, sometimes merging two of them into one. We do have them manager: tying the frequently though–about 2 to 3 times a week–because they are essential for the marketing network together. communication, transparency and accountability of all key players. And, yes, we DO ask all of those that are in the room to stand up during the entire meeting, although we cannot vouch for those participating via conference call from other departments around the world. Standing up forces everyone to keep it short. This is always a chal- So what is so special about our engagement managers? lenge in any meeting as we all know. But forcing the standup actually works. Well, they know our Corporate Marketing department through and through and are the perfect advocates for At the end of each engagement, we offer a demonstration of all the deliverables and show the connections between the assets. This is an important part to stimulate the each of the 17 different functions. When Business Owners synergy of a team: “Look at what we accomplished together”. Most marketers simply come to us, we bring them in contact with the team they move on from one project to the next and never celebrate their accomplishments or need but we also educate them about innovations they see just how it is that THEIR work fit into the bigger picture. Some of them never even could benefit from. We might tell them, for instance, about see the end product they had their part in. Being confronted with results–good and the short 45-second videos or a ‘fun’ infographic others bad– fosters responsibility and job satisfaction. have made and which will take best advantage of various social media tools. Our engagement managers are facilita- Testing, measuring and reusing what’s good and cutting out what does not work: tors and enablers. Their only goal is to make others shine that is also an essential part of agile marketing. After each engagement, we hold and be the best they can by really working together and retrospectives, asking ourselves “Did we plan effectively” and “Did we deliver?” so enriching each other’s experience. we can keep refining our process. We look at the data to see what worked, what did 29 not and why. Only then can we keep improving and innovating. What they are not, though, are project managers, hounding everyone with their checklists to make sure that everyone does their job. With a limited number of Engagement Managers and a multitude of projects and marketing

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