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Dear it. My Agile Marketing team (about which you will learn more in chapter 2) and I think it is time Reader, for something new. We believe that a shift to an agile marketing model is the right change. This e-book tells the story of agile marketing and of how we, at EMC, successfully embraced I’ll start with a simple question. Why does marketing exist? this methodology to tackle some of the challenges our marketing department was struggling I’ll spare you the dozens of ‘official’ definitions that are with. To understand the concept of agile marketing, and EMC’s own case story, it is essential living out there (that you probably know all too well) and to realize that the underlying ideas and approaches are rooted in the simple fact that our move on to the essence of the matter. Marketing is here environment has changed dramatically. These evolutions have a— direct or indirect—impact to help us sell products and services to consumers, right? on the way we manage our marketing activities. To me, this broader picture is key to grasping Only the latter have changed so much over the last few why and how we have moved our methodologies in the direction we have over the last couple years that it’s actually scary. They are not the only ones to of years. I feel a lot of us marketers tend to focus too much on the ‘small’ world of just our have undergone such a dramatic transformation, though: department, our company, our Management, our strategy and our (internal) customers. In the amount of information available has, our tools have the current connected economy everything influences everything else, so we must accept the and–perhaps most alarming of all–our competition has. outside so that we know how to function ‘on the inside’. That is actually the very first step to becoming an agile organization. And yet, in the midst of this ever-increasing pace of permanent changes, a lot of us marketers keep doing what Happy reading! we always did, without rethinking the way we work too David Quinn much. Maybe we went a little digital. But that’s pretty much Senior Director, Corporate Marketing 5 at EMC Corporation If you are interested in learning how EMC’s solutions can help For more information on EMC’s implementation @DavidQuinn1004 your company, please find more information on of Agile Marketing I can be reached via Twitter at :

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