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A preview of the findings Challenges: This survey of 300 marketing leaders shows that the role • 95% of marketing leaders reported an increase of marketing is constantly changing, but also that they’re in the volume and campaign and content requests increasingly asked to ramp up delivery and drive the in the last year company forward. This presents a major opportunity • Only 30% of marketing leaders have even moderate for marketing teams to become the heroes of their orgs. visibility into ROI of campaigns And yet, many marketers find their daily activities far • 36% of marketing data is duplicated across removed from the bottom line. multiple sources In these findings, you will see year-on-year trends from • 74% of marketing teams reported that their workflow our 2021 Marketing Trends Report. You will also see new is siloed and has disconnected processes themes emerge, including the proven benefits of no code technologies, the challenges of manual work, and the Trends in successful teams: pressure—and rewards—that occur when a marketing • Marketing teams that are responsible for revenue team is aligned with an organization’s strategic goals goals have greater visibility into campaign ROI and vision. • 80% of marketers are currently using no code marketing tools • Automation increased by 35% between 2021 and 2022 • Workflow efficiency and goal attainment are directly correlated Methodology The study includes 300 respondents who are ‘senior manager’ and above in their marketing department. All respondents are full-time employees at US companies with 500 or more employees; 70% work for companies with over 1,000 employees. Their primary responsibilities in marketing range from operations, analytics, and program management, to communications, brand, and social media marketing. 4 Airtable 2022 Marketing trends report

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